Malta - List of Cassar Cup Finals

The brain child of Chev. A. Cassar Torreggiani O.B.E., who also donated the cup, appropriately named after him, the Cassar Cup came into being in 1920/21 as a competition the proceeds of which went in favour of local charities. Pitting the two current top teams in the Civilian League against the Naval and Military champions and in subsequent years against representative sides from the three Services, who had a number of good players in their ranks, the charity competition became one of the major attractions in the local soccer calendar, especially in the Thirties. Resumed after the war years it continued to be an attraction but with the advent of the local clubs' participation in the UEFA Cup this competition lost much of its lustre, eventually forcing the ruling body to abolish this competition after the 1968/69 season.
Cassar Cup
Year     Winners                  Runners up               Result
1921-23    unknown
1923/24  Sliema Wanderers
1924/25  Sliema Wanderers
1925-32    unknown
1932/33   Worcester Regiment / 4th Destroyer Flottila (shared)
1933/34  Sliema Wanderers    
1934/35  Sliema Wanderers         Floriana                 1-0
1935-37    unknown
1937/38  Sliema Wanderers
1938/39  Sliema Wanderers  
1939-45    unknown
1945/46  Sliema Wanderers
1946-55    unknown
1955/56  Sliema Wanderers
1956/57  Sliema Wanderers
1957-59    unknown
1959/60  Sliema Wanderers   
1960-66    unknown
1966/67  Sliema Wanderers     
1967-69    unknown

Number of Wins

Civilian Clubs

Sliema Wanderers          11 wins    (all listed above)

Floriana FC               10 wins

Valletta FC                4 wins

Hamrun Spartans            2 wins
Hibernians Paola           2 wins

Services Sides

Worcester Regiment         2 wins    (one shared with 4th Destroyer Flottila)

1st Battalion Dorsets      1 win
1st Coast R.M.A.           1 win
4th Destroyer Flottila     1 win     (shared with Worcester Regiment)
Army                       1 win
Army/R:A:F:                1 win
H.M.S. Barham              1 win
H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth     1 win
H.M.S. Revenge             1 win
Queen's Regiment           1 win
Royal Artillery            1 win

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