France - D.O.M. - Martinique - List of Foundation Dates

1903    US Fort-de-France                                              [disbanded 1911]
        US Robert  
1905    Entente Terres-Sainvilles (Fort-de-France)                     [disbanded 1914]   
1906    Club Colonial (Fort-de-France)
1911    Intrépide (Fort-de-France)
        Excelsior (Fort-de-France)            
1912    Invincible  (Fort-de-France)
1917    Good Luck (Fort-de-France) 
1919    Golden Star (Fort-de-France)
1920    Le Gauloise (Trinité)
        AS Samaritaine (Sainte-Marie)
1922    Stade Spiritain (Saint-Esprit)
1924    Essor (Robert)
        Petit-Bourg Club (Petit-Bourg)
1928    Union Franciscaine (?) 
1931    Club Peléen (Morne Rouge)
1932    Aigle Sportif (Fort-de-France)
1935    Aiglon (Lamentin)
1936    Club Franciscain (Le François) 
1937    US Riveraine (Grand-Rivière)
        CS Case-Pilote       
1938    Réveil Sportif (Gros-Morne)                                    [founded as Gros-Morne Club]
1941    Club Omnisports Dillon Saint-Thérèse [CODST] (Fort-de-France)  [founded as CAST]
1942    Assaut (St-Pierre)
1948    AS New Club (Rivière-Salée)         
1950    Athlétic Club (Vert-Pré)
1961    Racing Club (Rivière-Pilote)
1965    FEP Monésie

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