Mexico - List of Super Cup Winners (Third Level)

Tournament held between the league champions and the cup Champions of the third level, discontinued after 1975-76 season (last cup tournament played); when the same team won the league and the cup it was declared "Campeonísimo".

Season		League champion		Cup champion		Supercup champion
1967-68		Zapata			not held		not held
1968-69		Naucalpan		Querétaro		Querétaro
1969-70		San Luis Potosí		San Luis Potosí		San Luis Potosí
1970-71		Lobos Querétaro		Tecnológico de Celaya	Tecnológico de Celaya
1971-72		Orizaba			Tlalnepantla		Tlalnepantla
1972-73		U.A.G.			Tapatío			U.A.G.
1973-74		not held		not held		not held
1974-75		U.A.E.M.		U.A.E.M.		U.A.E.M.
1975-76		T.A.M.S.A.		Osos Grises		not held

Campeón de Campeones Third Level 1967-1976

Team			C	F

Querétaro		1	0
San Luis Potosí		1	0  [*]
Tecnológico de Celaya	1	0
Tlalnepantla		1	0
U.A.E.M.		1	0  [*]
U.A.G.			1	0
Lobos Querétaro		0	1
Naucalpan		0	1
Orizaba			0	1
Tapatío			0	1

[*] includes a "Campeonísimo"

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