World Military Women Championship

First edition in 2001, organised by the CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire), which organised a men's tournament since 1946.


Year	Venues          Winner		Runners-up	  Third
2001      Netherlands     Germany         Netherlands       England
2002      Canada          USA             Germany           Netherlands  
2003      Germany         Germany         Netherlands       USA
2004      USA             Netherlands     Germany           USA
2006      Netherlands     Netherlands     USA               Germany
2007*     India           North Korea     Germany           France
2008      Netherlands     Germany         France            Netherlands
2009      USA             Brazil          South Korea       Netherlands    
2010      France          Brazil          South Korea     France
2011*     Brazil          Brazil          Germany           Netherlands
2012      Germany         Germany         South Korea       Brazil
2015*     South Korea     Brazil          France            South Korea

* held as part of the Military World Games

Number of Wins

 4 Brazil

 2 Netherlands

 1 North Korea


Country          G  S  B  tot

Germany          4  4  1    9
Brazil           4     1    5
Netherlands      2  2  4    8
USA              1  1  2    4
North Korea      1          1
South Korea         3  1    4
France              2  2    4
England                1    1

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