Monaco International Matches

Organised by the FMF (Fédération Monegasque de Football), founded in 2000.

Nr   Date      Venue                                     Goal Scorers/Notes
 -. 11- 6-2000 Gibraltar       Gibraltar  5-0 Monaco     [1]
 1. 14- 7-2001 Freiburg i.B.   Monaco     2-1 Tibet      [Damien Choisit, Serge Turuani]
 2. 18- 2-2002 Cap d'Ail       Monaco     2-2 Gibraltar  [Olivier Pasquier 25, Jean-Paul Pennacino 47]              
 3. 23- 2-2002 Roma            Vatican C. 0-0 Monaco
 ?. 27- 5-2005 Gibraltar       Gibraltar  4-0 Monaco
 ?. 23- 4-2006                 Monaco     1-7 Kosovo
[1] not a full international as Monaco fielded players from the Monaco league,
    some of which were French

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