Mongolia 1946-1961 Available Data

Translation/Explanation of Team Names

Aldar            Glory
Ard              People
Dzamchin         Railway Workers           [also transcribed Zamchin]
Hilchin          association of Jadambaa   [possibly identical to Ajilchin]
Hödölmör         Labour/Workers            [also transcribed Khudulmur]
Horshoolol       Cooperatives
Soyol            Culture 
Tsereg           Soldier/Army


The People's Revolution 25th anniversary festival "Spartakiad" (around July 1946)
included (for the first time ever) a football competition involving 6 teams.

Winners:    Hilchin 
Runners-Up: Airbase


People's Revolution 26th anniversary festival 2nd "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Hilchin


People's Revolution 27th anniversary festival 3rd "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Hilchin


People's Revolution 28th anniversary festival 4th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Hilchin


People's Revolution 29th anniversary festival 5th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Hilchin

NB: apparently after their 5th successive win Hilchin won the trophy for keeps or
    had it named after them.


People's Revolution 30th anniversary festival 6th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Tsereg 


People's Revolution 31st anniversary festival 7th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Soyol 
Runners-Up: Tsereg

NB: other participants included: Ard, Hödölmör, Hilchin, Soyol-2nd team


People's Revolution 32nd anniversary festival 8th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

no information


People's Revolution 33rd anniversary festival 9th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Soyol           (led by L.Radnaabazar)
Runners-Up: Soyol-2nd team  (led by P.Galsan)

NB: 4 other participants: Tsereg, Hilchin, Hödölmör, Ard


People's Revolution 34th anniversary festival 10th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Soyol-2nd team 
Runners-Up: Soyol 

NB: 4 other participants (presumably the same as in 1952 and 1954)

First National Championship

Winners:    Soyol
Runners-Up: Soyol-2nd team  

NB: played over 7-8 months between 5 participants, apparently as a (double?) round robin

First Ulaanbaatar City Championship

NB: held after mid-September; no further data available


People's Revolution 35th anniversary festival 11th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Hödölmör
Runners-Up: Aldar

NB: 2 other participants: Soyol, Horshoolol


Ulaanbaatar City Championship

Winners:    Dzamchin
Runners-Up: Hödölmör 
Third:      Soyol


Ulaanbaatar City Championship

Winners:    Horshoolol


People's Revolution 40th anniversary festival 16th "Spartakiad" Football Tournament

Winners:    Aldar


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