Mozambique - List of (Women) Champions

Campeonato Nacional de Futebol Feminino

Season   Champions                                          Runners-Up

2002       not known
2003       not known
2004       not known
2005     ECMEP da Beira [Sofala] (1)                    3-0 Porto da Matola [Maputo]
2006     Futebol Clube da Matola  [Maputo]              3-2 ECMEP da Beira [Sofala]
2007     Porto da Matola  [Maputo]                      5-1 ECMEP da Beira [Sofala]
2008       not known
2009     Clube Desportivo Fanta (Beira) [Sofala]
2010       not known                                        Clube Desportivo Fanta (Beira) [Sofala]
2011       cancelled (2)
2012     Porto da Matola  [Maputo] (3)                  3-3 Clube Paradise [Maputo City]                           [3-3 aet; 4-3 pen]
2013     União Desportiva de Lichinga [Niassa]              Clube Desportivo Cocorico (Beira) [Sofala]
2014     Clube Desportivo Cocorico (Beira) [Sofala]         Porto Carga da Beira [Sofala]
2015       not known
2016     Clube Desportivo Cocorico (Beira) [Sofala]     2-1 Benfica da Beira [Sofala]
2017     Benfica da Beira [Sofala]                      3-3 Clube Desportivo Cocorico (Beira) [Sofala]             [3-3 aet; 4-2 pen]
2018     Clube Desportivo Cocorico (Beira) [Sofala]     2-1 Clube de Desportos Costa do Sol (Maputo) [Maputo City]


(1) It was the 3rd time that ECMEP da Beira won the championship.
    ECMEP means Empresa de Manutenção de Estradas e Pontes. 
(2) On Dec 15 some teams were disqualified because made strike due
    Federação Moçambicana de Futebol did not pay financial subvention.
    On Dec 16 national championship was cancelled.
(3) Full name - Associação Futebol Clube Feminino do Porto da Matola – Servitrade

Liga Nacional de Futebol Feminino

NB: unofficial league not recognised by the federation

Season   Champions

2014     Clube de Desportos Costa do Sol (Maputo) [Maputo City]
2015/16  Clube de Desportos Costa do Sol (Maputo) [Maputo City]
2016     Clube de Desportos Costa do Sol (Maputo) [Maputo City]
2017       not held
2018     União Desportiva de Lichinga [Niassa]
2018/19  União Desportiva de Lichinga [Niassa]

NB: only held on the four occasions listed above

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