Namibia - List of Champions

prior to independence

NB: until 1976 there were separate championships for 'black' and
    'white' teams (the white league (South West League) being a 
    feeder league of the NFL structure in South Africa); the 1977 
    edition was the first which saw a final between the 'black' 
    (African Stars) and 'white' (Ramblers) champions to determine 
    the overall champions; it is reported that Namib Woestyn FC, 
    Orlando Pirates, Blue Waters, Eleven Arrows, Explorer Eleven
    and Black Morocco Chiefs "dominated the local scene" in the 

1961    Atlantis SC (Walvis Bay)
1962      not known
1963    Atlantis SC (Walvis Bay)
1964-65   not known
1966    SK Windhoek             [*]  
1967-68   not known
1969    Swakopmund FC                [first ever title]   
1967-74   not known
1975    Ramblers (Windhoek) 
1976    Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)   [white] and African Stars (Walvis Bay) [black]
1977    African Stars (Windhoek)             2-0 Ramblers (Windhoek)
1978      not known
1979    Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)
1980    African Stars (Windhoek)
1981-84   not known
Namibia National Soccer League
1985    Tigers (Windhoek)
1986    Chelsea (Grootfontein)
1987    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1988    Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
1989    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1990    Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)

NB: Black Africa reportedly 'regularly won the league' in the 1970s and 1980s (this
    presumably refers to the 'black' league), while Ramblers reportedly 'won many
    titles' (presumably in the 'white' league)

[*] league with 8 clubs; SKW won all their matches; after the season,
    they entered the promotion playoffs into the South African NFL but
    lost 0-9 to eventually promoted Corinthians.

since independence

1991    Eleven Arrows (Walvis Bay)
1992    Ramblers (Windhoek)
1993    Chief Santos (Tsumeb)
1994    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1995    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1996    Tunacor Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
1997      not held
1998    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1999    Black Africa (Windhoek)
2000    Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
2001/02 Liverpool (Okahandja) 
2002/03 Chief Santos (Tsumeb)
2003/04 Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
2004/05 Civics (Windhoek)
2005/06 Civics (Windhoek)
2006/07 Civics (Windhoek)
2007/08 Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)
2008/09 African Stars (Windhoek)
2009/10 African Stars (Windhoek)
2010/11 Black Africa (Windhoek)
2011/12 Black Africa (Windhoek)
2012/13 Black Africa (Windhoek)
2013/14 Black Africa (Windhoek)

Number of Titles (since 1991) (22)

 8 Black Africa (Windhoek)

 3 Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
   Civics (Windhoek)

 2 African Stars (Windhoek)
   Chief Santos (Tsumeb)

 1 Eleven Arrows (Walvis Bay) 
   Liverpool (Okahandja) 
   Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)
   Ramblers (Windhoek)

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