Namibia - List of Champions

prior to independence

NB: until 1976 there were separate championships for 'black' and
    'white' teams (the white league (South West League) being a 
    feeder league of the NFL structure in South Africa); the 1977 
    edition was the first which saw a final between the 'black' 
    (African Stars) and 'white' (Ramblers) champions to determine 
    the overall champions.

1961    Atlantis SC (Walvis Bay)
1962      not known
1963    Atlantis SC (Walvis Bay)
1964-65   not known
1966    SK Windhoek             [*]  
1967-68   not known
1969    Swakopmund FC                [first ever title]   
1967-74   not known
1975    Ramblers (Windhoek) 
1976    Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)   [white] and African Stars (Walvis Bay) [black]
1977    African Stars (Windhoek)             2-0 Ramblers (Windhoek)
1978      not known
1979    Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)
1980    African Stars (Windhoek)
1981-84   not known
1985    Tigers (Windhoek)
1986      not known
1987    Benfica (Tsumeb)
1988    Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
1989    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1990    Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)

NB: Black Africa reportedly 'regularly won the league' in the 1970s and 1980s (this
    presumably refers to the 'black' league), while Ramblers reportedly 'won many
    titles' (presumably in the 'white' league)

[*] league with 8 clubs; SKW won all their matches; after the season,
    they entered the promotion playoffs into the South African NFL but
    lost 0-9 to eventually promoted Corinthians.

since independence

1991    Eleven Arrows (Walvis Bay)
1992    Ramblers (Windhoek)
1993    Chief Santos (Tsumeb)
1994    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1995    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1996    Tunacor Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
1997      not held
1998    Black Africa (Windhoek)
1999    Black Africa (Windhoek)
2000    Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
2001/02 Liverpool (Okahandja) 
2002/03 Chief Santos (Tsumeb)
2003/04 Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
2004/05 Civics (Windhoek)
2005/06 Civics (Windhoek)
2006/07 Civics (Windhoek)
2007/08 Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)
2008/09 African Stars (Windhoek)
2009/10 African Stars (Windhoek)
2010/11 Black Africa (Windhoek)
2011/12 Black Africa (Windhoek)
2012/13 Black Africa (Windhoek)
2013/14 Black Africa (Windhoek)

Number of Titles (since 1991) (22)

 8 Black Africa (Windhoek)

 3 Blue Waters (Kuisebmund/Walvis Bay)
   Civics (Windhoek)

 2 African Stars (Windhoek)
   Chief Santos (Tsumeb)

 1 Eleven Arrows (Walvis Bay) 
   Liverpool (Okahandja) 
   Orlando Pirates (Windhoek)
   Ramblers (Windhoek)

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