Dutch Tour of Dutch Antilles 1952

Before the 1952 Olympic Games in Finland, where they lost their only match 1-2 to Turkey on July 21st in Lahti, the Dutch Antilles team toured the Netherlands, playing against a few club sides and a Dutch selection (as well as the French amateur side during a short trip to France).

Prior to the 1938 World Cup, the team of the Dutch East Indies made a similar trip; six years before, a Curaçao selection had been the first visitors from the West Indies to tour the Netherlands, two years before Surinam.

Match Overview

Date     Venue            Hosts      Score

18- 6-52 Amsterdam        Blauw Wit   3-1 Dutch Antilles
21- 6-52 Den Bosch        B.V.V.      5-1 Dutch Antilles
25- 6-52 Rotterdam        Feijenoord   0-1 Dutch Antilles
29- 6-52 Boulogne-sur-mer France Am.  6-1 Dutch Antilles
 3- 7-52 Amsterdam        K.N.V.B. XI 3-3 Dutch Antilles
 9- 7-52 Enschede         sc Enschede 1-0 Dutch Antilles
12- 7-52 Nijmegen          N.E.C.      3-4 Dutch Antilles

Additional Details

Jun 18, 1952, Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
Blauw Wit   3-1 Dutch Antilles
  [Tolmeyer 18, Koekebakker (other source: De Vries) 40, Corbran 50;
   Heyliger (other source: Briezen) 80; HT 2-0; att: 6000]

Jun 21, 1952; De Vliert, 's-Hertogenbosch
B.V.V.      5-1 Dutch Antilles
  [Krijgh 30, 37, Femmers 2-0, Van Beurden 66, Hermans 70; Heyliger 75; HT 3-0;
   att: 20000]
NB: B.V.V. had visited Curaçao at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Jong Holland
    in 1949, drawing 1-1 with Curaçao.

Dutch Antilles:
  Kemp, De Lannoy;
  Adoptie, Vlinder, Giribaldi;
  Heyliger, Coffie (HT Briezen), Conquet (HT Brion), Gomez (HT Krips), N.N.

Jun 25, 1952
Feijenoord   0-1 Dutch Antilles
  [HT 0-0]
NB: Dré Saris (B.V.V.) played as goalkeeper for the Dutch Antilles, instead
    of Hato (injured vs Blauw Wit) or Hernandez (injured vs B.V.V.); Saris played
    one official match for the Netherlands on June 16, 1949 (4-1 away to Finland).
    Feijenoord had visited Curaçao in 1946 at the occasion of the silver jubilee
    of the C.V.B., losing 0-4 to their hosts.

Jul 3, 1952; Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
K.N.V.B. XI 3-3 Dutch Antilles
  [Van der Gijp 1-1, 2-2, (pen) 3-2; Brokke 0-1, 1-2, Brion 3-3; HT 3-2]
  [referee: Schipper (Groningen)]

K.N.V.B. XI (Bondselftal):
  Landman (Sparta);
  Boskamp (Ajax), De Jong (A.D.O.);
  Van der Hurk (Eindhoven), Hendriks (Vitesse), Van Schijndel (S.V.V.);
  Louer (N.O.A.D.), Clavan (A.D.O.), C. van der Gijp (Emma), 
    Van der Tuyn (Hermes D.V.S.), Van Melis (Eindhoven)

Dutch Antilles:
  Matrona (46' Helder), Canword;
  Adoptie (?), Vlinder, Giribaldi;
  Heyliger, Brion, Briezen, Krips, Brokke
NB: Helder was announced for the starting line-up but according to match reports he entered 
    the field as a half-time substitute for Matrona, having arrived by plane only hours 
    before the match; presumably his intended place in midfield was filled by Adoptie

Jul 9, 1952; Phenix-terrein, Enschede
sc Enschede 1-0 Dutch Antilles
  [Weylinck; HT 0-0]

Jul 12, 1952
N.E.C.      3-4 Dutch Antilles
  [Oerlemans 16, Roos 26, Hendriks 53; Krips 15, Briezen 25, Brokke 44,
   Heyliger 55; HT 2-3; att: 6000]

Olympic Squad Dutch Antilles

from Curaçao (13):
  Ludgero Adoptie 
  Wilhelm Canword
  Pedro Don Coffie
  Petrus "Piet" Conquet
  Guillermo "Gein" Giribaldi  
  Fransisco Gomez
  Ergilio Hato
  Willys Heyliger 
  Guillermo "Shon Mi" Krips
  Wilfred "Fèfè" de Lannoy
  Pedro Matrona
  Jozef "Jeffi" Merced
  Edmundo "Eddie" Vlinder
from Aruba (7):
  Juan Briezen
  Jorge "Gochi" Brion
  Adriaan "Jani" Brokke 
  Ricardo "Cai" Helder
  Lucas "Dunchi" Hernandez
  Raimundo Kemp
  C. "Olimpic" Rodriquez

trainer: Antoine Maduro

NB: in addition, Corri de Geus (Curaçao) appears to have travelled to the Netherlands  
    but it is not clear whether he played in any matches 

Olympic Match

Jul 21, 1952; Lahden kisapuisto, Lahti
Turkey      2-1 Dutch Antilles
  [Tokaç 9, Bilge 79pen; Briezen 82]
  [NB: Çetinel (Turkey) missed pen 13; Hato (Dutch Antilles) missed pen 25]
  [referee: Jørgensen (Denmark); attendance: 3700]

Turkey (Amateur):
  Erdoğan Akın;
  Necdet Şentürk, Rıdvan Bolatlı;
  Mustafa Ertan, Basri Dirimlili, Ercüment Güder;
  Vasıf Çetinel, Tekin Bilge, Yalçın Çaka, Muzaffer Tokaç, Macit Gürdal
Dutch Antilles:
  Ergilio Hato;
  Wilfred de Lannoy, Wilhelm Canword;
  Pedro Matrona, Edmundo Vlinder (cap), Guillermo Giribaldi;
  Willys Heyliger, Juan Briezen, Jorge Brion, Guillermo Krips, Adriaan Brokke

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