Nicaragua Second Level Champions

Second Division

[A=Apertura, C=Clausura]
1986          not known
1987-88       not kown
1989        Xilotepelt FC (JInotepe)   
1990-96       not known
1996/97     Real Bautista FC (Granada)
1997/98     Inter Barrio Cuba (Managua)
1998/99     Real Madriz FC (Somoto)
1999/00     Universidad Americana (Managua)
2000/01     Parmalat FC (Managua)
2001/02     Club Barrio Cuba (Managua)
2002/03     Club Deportivo (Masatepe)
2003/04     Atlético (Estelí)
2004/05       not known
2005/06     FC  San Marcos (San Marcos)
2006/07     Club Deportivo (Ocotal)
2008 C      VCP Chinandega
2008/09 A   Chinandega FC
2008/09 C   América Managua FC (Managua)  
2009/10 A   Managua FC
2009/10 C   América Managua FC (Managua)
2010/11 A   Chinandega FC
2010/11 C   Juventus FC (Managua)
2011/12 A   Xilotepelt FC (JInotepe)
2011/12 C   UNAN Managua FC (Managua)
2012/13 A   ART Municipal (Jalapa)
2012/13 C   ART Municipal (Jalapa)
2013/14 A   UNAN Managua FC (Managua)
2013/14 C   Real Estelí FC B (Estelí)
2014/15 A   Chinandega FC

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