Nike World Club Cup U-14 2006

2006 European final		

[May 12-14 in Praha (Czech Rep.)]

Group A
Sparta Praha		1-1 Ajax Amsterdam
Sparta Praha		2-0 Aluminij Kidricevo
Sparta Praha		5-0 SC Real Tallinn
Sparta Praha		1-1 HJK Helsinki
Ajax Amsterdam		0-1 Aluminij Kidricevo
Ajax Amsterdam		4-0 HJK Helsinki
Ajax Amsterdam		2-1 SC Real Tallinn
Aluminij Kidricevo	1-0 SC Real Tallinn
Aluminij Kidricevo	0-2 HJK Helsinki
HJK Helsinki		0-0 SC Real Tallinn

Group B
FC Brussels Molenbeek	2-1 Boavista
FC Brussels Molenbeek	2-0 Lunds BK
FC Brussels Molenbeek	4-0 Samsunspor
FC Brussels Molenbeek	1-0 Skeid Oslo
Boavista		4-0 Lunds BK
Boavista		2-0 Samsunspor
Boavista		3-1 Skeid Oslo
Lunds BK		1-0 Samsunspor
Lunds BK		1-1 Skeid Oslo
Samsunspor		3-0 Skeid Oslo

Group C
BNZ Tirol		0-1 Wisla Plock
BNZ Tirol		2-0 SK Sigma Olomouc
BNZ Tirol		2-1 Krylia Sovetov
BNZ Tirol		1-0 NK Rijeka
Wisla Plock		1-5 SK Sigma Olomouc
Wisla Plock		1-1 Krylia Sovetov
Wisla Plock		1-0 NK Rijeka
SK Sigma Olomouc	2-2 Krylia Sovetov
SK Sigma Olomouc	0-0 NK Rijeka
Krylia Sovetov		2-1 NK Rijeka

Group D
FC Basel		2-2 Ferencvarosi TC
FC Basel		1-0 SK Fomat Martin
FC Basel		1-0 Brndby IF
FC Basel		2-0 Maccabi Petach Tikva
Ferencvarosi TC		1-0 SK Fomat Martin
Ferencvarosi TC		0-0 Brndby IF
Ferencvarosi TC		4-1 Maccabi Petach Tikva
SK Fomat Martin		4-1 Brndby IF
SK Fomat Martin		0-0 Maccabi Petach Tikva
Brndby IF		3-0 Maccabi Petach Tikva

1/4 finals places 1-8
Ferencvarosi TC		1-0 BNZ Tirol
Boavista		2-1 Sparta Praha
FC Basel		2-0 Wisla Plock
FC Brussels Molenbeek	0-0 Ajax Amsterdam		[4-3 pen]

1/2 finals places 1-4
Ferencvarosi TC		2-1 Boavista
FC Basel		1-1 FC Brussels Molenbeek	[7-6 pen]

1/2 finals places 5-8
Sparta Praha		 -  Wisla Plock or BNZ Tirol ?
Ajax Amsterdam		 -  Wisla Plock or BNZ Tirol ?

1/2 finals places 9-12
SK Sigma Olomouc	 -  SK Fomat Martin	
Lunds BK		4-2 Aluminij Kidricevo

1/2 finals places 13-16
Krylia Sovetov		4-2 Brndby IF	
HJK Helsinki		2-2 Samsunspor			[5-4 pen]

1/2 finals places 17-20
Maccabi Petach Tikva	 -  NK Rijeka
SC Real Tallinn		3-1 Skeid Oslo

19th place match
NK Rijeka		 -  Skeid Oslo

17th place match
Maccabi Petach Tikva	2-1 SC Real Tallinn

15th place match
Samsunspor		0-0 Brndby IF			[6-5 pen]

13th place match
Krylia Sovetov		1-0 HJK Helsinki

11th place match
SK Fomat Martin		 -  Aluminij Kidricevo

9th place match
SK Sigma Olomouc	4-1 Lunds BK

Seventh place match
Wisla Plock		 -  BNZ Tirol

Fifth place match
Sparta Praha		 -  Ajax Amsterdam

Third place match
FC Brussels Molenbeek	2-1 Boavista

Ferencvarosi TC		1-1 FC Basel			[3-1 pen]

Best player : Xherdan Shaqiri (Basel)

2006 North American Finals : 

27 to 29.05.2006 in Beaverton,Oregon


Ohio FC Mutiny		1-1 Barcelona			[4-3 pen]
Dallas Texans		drw Arsenal			[on pen]

Third place match
Arsenal			2-0 Barcelona

Ohio FC Mutiny		0-0 Dallas Texans		[on pen]

Pacific Qualifications :

At Veneto Club in Melbourne

Final round
Bulleen Lions FC	1-0 Marconi Stallions (NSW, Australia)
Bulleen Lions FC	2-0 Mangere United (New Zealand)
Marconi Stallions	bt  Mangere United
 Bulleen Lions FC (Victoria, Australia) is qualified

South-East Asia Qualifications :

20.05.2006 in Bangkok

Participants : 
Mohun Bagan AC (India), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, HongKong and Philippines. 

Mohun Bagan AC		2-0 Singapore Sport School

Nike World Club Cup U-14 2006

Qualified for the "Manchester United Premier Cup" (World final)

Host		Manchester United (England)

USA		Ohio FC Mutiny (USA)

Europa		BSC Hertha Berlin (Germany)
		Inter Milan (Italy)
		Arsenal FC (England)
		Athletic Bilbao (Spain)

Europa qualifications
		Ferencvarosi TC (Hungary)	
		FC Basel (Switzerland)
		FC Brussels Molenbeek (Belgium)
		Boavista (Portugal)

Latin America	So Paulo FC (Brazil)
		CA Lanus (Argentina)
		Chivas Guadalajara (Mexico)
		Universidad Catolica (Chile)

Asia		Tokyo Verdy (Japan)
		Ulsan Hyundai FC (South Korea)
		Beijing Guoan FC (China)

South-East Asia qualifications
		Mohun Bagan AC (India)

Pacific qualifications
		Bulleen Lions FC (Australia)

Africa		Orlando Pirates (South Africa)

Aug 8-11, 2006 in Manchester

Group A
So Paulo		1-1 Athletic Bilbao
So Paulo		2-0 Manchester Utd
So Paulo		6-0 Ferencvarosi TC
So Paulo		4-0 Mohun Bagan
Athletic Bilbao		1-1 Manchester Utd
Athletic Bilbao		2-0 Ferencvarosi TC
Athletic Bilbao		3-0 Mohun Bagan
Manchester Utd		4-0 Ferencvarosi TC
Manchester Utd		4-1 Mohun Bagan 
Ferencvarosi TC		1-0 Mohun Bagan

Group B
Inter Milan		1-1 Chivas
Inter Milan		1-1 Orlando Pirates
Inter Milan		3-0 Bulleen Lions 
Inter Milan		4-0 FC Brussels
Chivas			2-1 Orlando Pirates
Chivas			4-0 Bulleen Lions
Chivas			0-0 FC Brussels
Orlando Pirates		6-0 Bulleen Lions 
Orlando Pirates		4-0 FC Brussels
Bulleen Lions 		2-1 FC Brussels	

Group C
Ohio FC			0-4 Arsenal
Ohio FC			2-0 BSC Hertha Berlin
Ohio FC			2-0 Ulsan Hyundai
Ohio FC			2-0 Universidad Catolica
Arsenal			0-0 BSC Hertha Berlin
Arsenal			1-1 Ulsan Hyundai
Arsenal			1-0 Universidad Catolica
BSC Hertha Berlin	2-1 Ulsan Hyundai
BSC Hertha Berlin	1-0 Universidad Catolica
Ulsan Hyundai		1-1 Universidad Catolica

Group D
Beijing Guoan		3-2 Tokyo Verdy
Beijing Guoan		1-2 FC Basel
Beijing Guoan 		2-0 Boavista
Beijing Guoan		1-0 CA Lanus
Tokyo Verdy		1-0 FC Basel 
Tokyo Verdy		1-1 Boavista
Tokyo Verdy		1-0 CA Lanus
FC Basel		1-2 Boavista
FC Basel 		1-1 CA Lanus
Boavista 		1-1 CA Lanus 		
1/4 finals places 1-8
Chivas			2-1 So Paulo
Tokyo Verdy		5-4 Ohio FC
Inter Milan		1-0 Athletic Bilbao
Arsenal			3-1 Beijing Guoan

1/2 finals places 1-4
Chivas Guadalajara	1-0 Tokyo Verdy
Arsenal			3-0 Arsenal	

1/2 finals places 5-8
Beijing Guoan		1-0 Athletic Bilbao
So Paulo 		5-0 Ohio FC

1/2 finals places 9-12
BSC Hertha Berlin	2-1 FC Basel
Orlando Pirates		2-0 Manchester Utd

1/2 finals places 13-16
Ferencvarosi TC		2-0 Bulleen Lions
Boavista 		5-4 Ulsan Hyundai

1/2 finals places 17-20
CA Lanus		1-0 Universidad Catolica
FC Brussels		1-0 Mohun Bagan 

19th place match
Universidad Catolica	7-0 Mohun Bagan 

17th place match
CA Lanus		1-0 FC Brussels

15th place match
Ulsan Hyundai		3-1 Bulleen Lions

13th place match
Boavista 		1-0 Ferencvarosi TC

11th place match
FC Basel		3-0 Manchester Utd

9th place match
BSC Hertha Berlin	2-1 Orlando Pirates

Seventh place match
Ohio FC Mutiny		4-2 Athletic Bilbao

Fifth place match
Beijing Guoan		1-0 So Paulo FC

Third place match
Inter Milan		2-0 Tokyo Verdy

Chivas Guadalajara	2-1 Arsenal


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