Ukraine - List of Foundation Dates

NB: until 2000

1894  TV Sokoł Lwów  (aka Sokil L'viv)   [football section (Turn-Verein founded 1867); oldest football
                                          club of Galicia; disbanded] 
1901  Yuzovka Sports Society             [team made up of English workers; Yuzovka now called Donets'k]
1903  LKS Lechia Lwów                    [disbanded 1939]
      LKS Czarni Lwów                    [disbanded 1939] 
      DFC Czernowitz                     [founded as Jahn Czernowitz; merged 1910 with Czernowitzer TSV to
                                          Czernowitzer Turn- und Sportverein Jahn]
1904  LKS Pogoń Lwów                     [disbanded 1939]
1907  Polonia Czernowitz                 [founded as Sarmaria Czernowitz; merged 1910 with Danubia and IFC to
                                          BASK Czernowitz] 
      Dragoş Vodă Cernăuţi               [founded as Rumänischer FC Czernowitz]
1908  ZKS Hasmonea Lwów                  [disbanded 1939] 
1909  IFC Czernowitz                     [merged 1910 with Danubia Czernowitz and Polonia Czernowitz to 
                                          BASK Czernowitz]
      Danubia Czernowitz                 [merged 1910 with IFC Czernowitz and Polonia Czernowitz to 
                                          BASK Czernowitz]
      STV Makkabi Czernowitz             [founded as Wanderbund Blau-Weiß Czernowitz; disbanded 1940]  
1910  Sporting Klub Kharkiv
      BASK Czernowitz                    [= Bukowinaer Allgemeiner Sport-Klub; aka Societatea Generală de Sport
                                          Cernăuţi; merger of Dabubia, IFC and POlonia Czernowitz; disbanded 1928]
      Czernowitzer TSV Jahn              [merger of Jahn Czernowitz and Czernowitzer TSV; disbanded 1940]
1911  FK Skala-Ekran Strij               [founded as FK Skala Strij]
1912  Wawel Czerniowce                   [founded as SK Dorost Sokoly Czernowitz as split from BASK Czernowitz;
                                          disbanded 1940]   
1918  FK Dnipro Dnipropetrovs'k          [founded as Brianskyi Robitnychyi Industrialnyi Tekhnikum Dnipropetrovs'k]
1920  FK Torpedo Zaporizhzhja            [founded as FK Sismash Zaporizhzhja]
      MFK Mykolajiv                      [founded as FK Metallist Mykolajiv]
      Dovbuş Cernăuţi                    [disbanded 1940] 
1920? Hakoah Cernăuţi                    [founded as 1. Jüdischer STV Hakoah Czernowitz; merged 1932 with
                                          STV Makkabi Czernowitz] 
1922  FK Zirka Kirovohrad                [founded as Chervona Zirka Kirovohrad] 
1923  FK Zorja Luhans'k                  [founded as  Metalist Luhans'k] 
      FK Dynamo-SKA Odesa                [founded as FK Dynamo Odesa; disbanded] 
1925  FK Metalist Kharkiv                [founded as KhPZ Kharkiv]      
1926  FK Stal' Dniprodzerzhins'k         [founded as Metalist Dniprodzerzhins'k]
      FK Dynamo Kharkiv 
1927  FK Dynamo Kyiv
1934  FK CSKA Kyiv                       [founded as UVO Kharkiv]
      FK Arsenal Kyiv
1935  FK Stal' Alchevs'k
      FK Metalurh Zaporizhzhja           [founded as Stal' Zaporizhzhja]   
1936  FK Shakhtar Donets'k               [founded as Ugolshchiki Stalino] 
      FK IhroServis Simferopol'          [founded as FK Dynamo Simferopol'] 
      FK Chernomorets Odesa              [founded as Dynamo Odesa] 
      FK Illichivets Mariupol'           [founded as Stal' Mariupol']  
      PFK Sevastopol'                    [founded as Sudostroitel Sevastopol'] 
1937  FS Jahn Czernowitz                 [split of the soccer department from Czernowitzer Turn- und Sportverein
                                          Jahn; disbanded 1940]                   
1940  FK Prykarpattja Ivano-Frankivs'k   [founded as Spartak Ivanovo-Frankivs'k]
1942  Ruch Kyiv                          [founded in Jan]
      FC Start Kyiv
      Kyiv Sport       
1944  FK Odesa
1946  OSK Zakarpattja Uzhhorod           [founded as Spartak Uzhhorod] 
      FK Enerhetyk Burshtyn 
1947  FK Dnister Ovidiopol'              [founded as Dzerzhinets' Ovidiopol'] 
1949  FK Bukovyna Chernivtsi             [founded as FK Burevestnik Chernivtsi]
      FK CSKA L'viv                      [disbanded] 
1950  FK Metalurh Nikopol' 
1955  FK Dnipro Cherkasi                 [founded as FK Burevestnik Cherkasi]
1951  FK Dynamo Khmel'nyts'kyj
      FK Khimik Krasnoperekops'k         [disbanded 2008] 
1955  FK Vorskla Poltava                 [founded as KoIhospnyk Poltava]
1956  FK Sevastopol'
1957  FK Veres Rivne                     [founded as FK Kolgospnik Rivne] 
1958  FK Tavrija Simferopol'             [founded as FK Avanhard Simferopol']
      FK Nyva Vinnytsja                  [founded as FK Lokomotiv Vinnytsja]    
1959  FK Kremin Kremenchuk               [founded as FK Torpedo Krementschuk]
      FK Nyva Ternopil'                  [founded as FK Avanhard Ternopil']
      FK Kryvbas Kryvyj Rih              [founded as Avanhard Kryvyj Rih]       
      FK Polissja Zhitomir               [founded as FK Avanhard Zhitomir;  disbanded 2005]       
1960  FK Volyn'  Luts'k 
      FK Desna Chernihiv                 [founded as Avanhard Cherrnihiv]
      FK Frunzenets-Liha 99 Sumy         [founded as FK Avanhard Sumy; merged 2002 with FK Sumy] 
1961  FK Kristal Kherson                 [founded as Mayak Kherson]
1963  FK Karpaty L'viv
1969  FK Tytan Armjans'k                 [founded as FK Stroitel Armjans'k]
1980  FK Naftovyk-Ukrnafta Okhtyrka      [founded as FK Naftovyk Okhtyrka]
1983  FK Ros' Bila Tserkva               [founded as FK Dynamo Irpen] 
1989  FK Hirnyk-Sport Komsomol's'k       [founded as FK Lokomotiv Komsomol's'k]
1990  FK Temp Shepetovka
      PFK Oleksandrija                   [founded as FK Poligraftekhnika Oleksandrija]  
1991  SK OLKOM Melitopol'                [founded as Torpedo Melitopol']  
1992  FK Sumy                            [founded as FK Yavir Krasnopilja; disbanded 2006] 
      FK Obolon Kyiv                     [founded as FK Zmina Kyiv] 
      FK Fakel Varva  
      FK Metalurh Donets'k 
      FK L'viv 
1993  FK Borysfen Boryspil'              [founded as Nyva-Borysfen Boryspil']
1997  FK Naftovyk Dolyna
1998  FK Kharkiv                         [founded as Arsenal Kharkiv]
1999  FK Krymteplytsja Molodizhne
      FK Palmira Odesa                   [founded as FK Lasunja Odesa] 
2000  FK Krasyliv                        [merged 2004 with Podillja Khmel'nyts'kyj]
      FK Olympik Kirivohrad 
      FK Feniks-Illichovets Kalinino     [founded as FK Kalinino] 

NB: TV Sokoł Lwów played the first ever football match in Galicia, on 14 July 1894, against
    Kraków, winning 1-0 thanks to a goal by Włodzimierz Michał Chomicki (17th minute)

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