Pais Positivo Cup 2010

Also known as the ABCS Tournament.  
Held at Ergilio Hato Stadion, Brievengat, Willemstad.

29-10  Curaçao   3-0  Aruba
         [Everon Espacia, Lisandro Trinidad, Giandro Steba]
29-10  Surinam   4-2  Bonaire
         [Naldo Kwasie (2), Stefano Rijssel, Gregory Rigters /
          Edsel Martha, Ilfred Piar]

Third place match
 1-11  Aruba     3-3  Bonaire      [*]
         [Eric Santos, Maurice Escalona (2, 1 pen) /
          Ilfred Piar, Andre Piar, Nielsen Christiaan (pen)]

 1-11  Curaçao   2-2  Surinam      [6-7 pen]
         [Everon Espacia, Vaylison Lake / OG, Roche Emanuelson]

[*] Bonaire declined to take part in a penalty shootout, so 
    Aruba were awarded third place by default.

The Netherlands Antilles was dissolved on 10th October 2010, 
whereupon its constituent parts were allocated new statuses 
as follows: Curaçao and Sint Maarten are now 'autonomous 
countries' within the Kingdom of the Netherlands (the same 
status as that held by Aruba since 1986), while Bonaire, 
Saba, and Sint Eustatius ('Statia') are now 'public bodies' 
(or 'special municipalities') of the Netherlands (mainland).



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