Rwanda - List of Champions

1947/48   unknown
1948/49   unknown
1949/50   unknown
1950-68   unknown
1969    Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)
1970      unknown
1971    Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)
1972-74   unknown
1975    Rayon Sports (Nyanza) 
1976-79   unknown 
1980    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1981    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
1982      not held
1983    Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)
1984    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1985    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1986    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1987    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1988    Muhungwa (Ruhengeri)
1989    Muhungwa (Ruhengeri)
1990-91   not held
1992    Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)                  [runners-up: Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)]
1993    Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)
1994/95 APR FC (Kigali)
1996    APR FC (Kigali)               
1997    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
1998    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)                   [runners-up: Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)]
1999    APR FC (Kigali)                         [runners-up: Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)]   
2000    APR FC (Kigali)
2001    APR FC (Kigali)              
2002    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)     
2003    APR FC (Kigali)
2004    Rayon Sports (Nyanza) 
2005    APR FC (Kigali)
2006    APR FC (Kigali)
2006/07 APR FC (Kigali)
2007/08 ATRACO FC (Kigali) 
2008/09 APR FC (Kigali)
2009/10 APR FC (Kigali)
2010/11 APR FC (Kigali)
2011/12 APR FC (Kigali)
2012/13 Rayon Sports (Nyanza) 
2013/14 APR FC (Kigali)
2014/15 APR FC (Kigali)
2015/16 APR FC (Kigali)
2016/17 Rayon Sports (Nyanza) 
2017/18 APR FC (Kigali)
2018/19 Rayon Sports (Nyanza) 
2019/20 APR FC (Kigali)
2020/21 APR FC (Kigali)

NB: Mukura Victory Sports (Butare) were league runners-up in 1992, 1998 
    and 1999.
    Panthères Noirs were the army side before the genocide;
    APR are the current army side.

Number of (Known) Titles

19 APR FC (Kigali) 

 9 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)

 5 Kiyovu Sports (Kigali) [did not any other titles]
   Panthères Noirs (Kigali)

 2 Muhungwa (Ruhengeri) 

 1 ATRACO FC (Kigali) 

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