Austria Salzburg tour of Indonesia 1955

Austria Salzburg toured Indonesia at the invitation of the PSSI (Indonesian FA), which celebrated its silver jubilee. It is not clear whether the invitation for this occasion to an Austrian club was related to the fact that two decades earlier, two Austrian clubs had been the first (and last) European sides to visit the country in the colonial era (Grazer SC in 1934 and Wiener SC in 1936).
Before Austria Salzburg, who had just finished the domestic league in 9th place (out of 14), visited Indonesia, some other European clubs had done so before, all as part of a longer trip in South East Asia or even around the world (in contrast to Salzburg, who only played matches on Java and Sumatra): compatriots Grazer AK in the summer of 1954, Swedish club side Kalmar FF at the end of the same year, and Grasshopper-Club Zürich in the beginning of 1955. They were soon to be followed by more prestigious European clubs: Lokomotiv Moskva in November 1955 and European Cup finalists Stade de Reims in 1956.
Match Overview

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

29- 6-55 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       Persib (Bandung)        0-3 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 0-2]
 1- 7-55 Sriwidjaja Stadion, Solo      PSSI Muda               2-6 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 2-2]
 3- 7-55 Kridosono Stadion, Jogjakarta PSSI Banteng            2-2 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 2-1]
 6- 7-55 Tambaksari Stadion, Surabaja  Persibaja (Surabaja)    2-6 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 1-3]
 9- 7-55 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       Persidja (Djakarta)     5-4 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 2-1]
10- 7-55 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       PSSI Harimau            1-5 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 1-1]
15- 7-55 Banteng Stadion, Padang       PSP (Padang)            2-2 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 0-1]
17- 7-55 Teladan Stadion, Medan        PSMS (Medan)            2-2 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 1-1]
20- 7-55 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       Persidja (Djakarta)     1-2 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 0-2]
23- 7-55 Tambaksari Stadion, Surabaja  Persibaja (Surabaja)    0-1 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 0-1]
24- 7-55 Sidolig Stadion, Bandung      Persib (Bandung)        2-2 Austria Salzburg   [HT: 1-1]

NB: PSSI Muda ("Young") were a youth side;
    PSSI Banteng ("Bull") were the national side;
    PSSI Harimau ("Tiger") were an experimental side;
    all other hosts were city federations.

Total record Austria Salzburg:  11   6  4  1  35-19  16

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