San Marino - List of Foundation Dates

 4 Sep 1928 SP Libertas (Borgo Maggiore)         [*]
11 Nov 1928 US Titania (San Marino)

21 Aug 1933 La Serenissima (San Marino)
   Dec 1933 La Fiorita (Montegiardino)           [later dissolved]
   Jan 1934 La Castellana (Serravalle) 

       1948 SS San Giovanni (San Giovanni sotto le Penne)

       1949 SP Tre Fiori (Fiorentino)

       1953 SS Juvenes (Serravalle)              [merged 2000 with Dogana]

       1956 SP Tre Penne (San Marino)

       1960 Calcio San Marino (Serravalle)       [play in Italian league structure]

       1962 SC Faetano (Faetano)

       1964 SC Virtus (Acquaviva)

       1966 SP Domagnano (Domagnano)
       1966 SS Murata (Murata)

       1967 SP La Fiorita (Montegiardino)        [re-founded]

       1968 SP Aurora (San Marino)               [later dissolved]
       1968 SS Pennarossa (Chiesanuova)

       1970 GS Dogana (Dogana)                   [merged 2000 with Juvenes]

       1972 SS Folgore Falciano (Falciano)

       1974 SP Cailungo (Borgo Maggiore)
       1974 SS Montevito (Fiorentino)            [renamed Fiorentino in 2005]

       1979 SP Cosmos (Falciano)

       2000 Juvenes/Dogana                       [merger Juvenes and Dogana]

[*] date of foundation officially recognised by both the 
    Olympic Committee and the FA of San Marino, although
    contemporary sources suggest Libertas were founded on
    6 Aug 1933.

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