Scilly Islands

During the 1920s there used to be a football competition between St. Mary's, Tresco, St. Martin's (who team was called St Martin's Rebels), Bryher and St. Agnes called the Lyonnesse Inter-Island Cup; in 1938, St. Mary's XI were named as its holders.
By the 1950s there were only 2 teams left on the Scillys, the Rangers and the Rovers. In 1984 the two teams changed their names to the Garrison Gunners (Yellows) and the Woolpack Wanderers (Reds).

NB: as of January 2002, Garrison Gunners won 20 titles, 
                        Woolpack Wanderers   17

1991/92     Woolpack Wanderers
1992-94       not known
1994/95     Garrison Gunners
1995-99       not known
1999/00     Garrison Gunners
2000-03       not known
2003/04     Garrison Gunners
2004/05     Garrison Gunners
2005/06     Woolpack Wanderers
2006/07     Woolpack Wanderers
2007/08     Garrison Gunners 
2008/09     Garrison Gunners 
2009/10     Woolpack Wanderers
2010/11     Woolpack Wanderers
2011/12     Garrison Gunners
2012/13     Woolpack Wanderers
2013/14     Garrison Gunners
2014/15     Garrison Gunners
2015/16     Garrison Gunners
2016/17     Garrison Gunners
2017/18     Garrison Gunners
2018/19     Garrison Gunners
2019/20       declared void
2020/21     Woolpack Wanderers

Cup Winners

Lioness Shield

2004/05     Garrison Gunners 
2005/06     Woolpack Wanderers
2006/07     Woolpack Wanderers
2008/09     Garrison Gunners 
2009/10     Woolpack Wanderers
2010/11     Woolpack Wanderers, Garrison Gunners [shared]
2011/12     Garrison Gunners 

Charity Shield

NB: the 1999/00 edition was the first

1999/00        Woolpack Wanderers
2000-01       not known
2002        Woolpack Wanderers
2003          not known
2004        Woolpack Wanderers
2005        Garrison Gunners 
2006        Woolpack Wanderers
2007        Woolpack Wanderers                                      [played Nov 11]
2007/08     Woolpack Wanderers    
2008/09     Woolpack Wanderers
2009/10     Woolpack Wanderers
2011        Woolpack Wanderers    
2012        Woolpack Wanderers    
2013          not known
2014        Garrison Gunners 
2015        Woolpack Wanderers  
2017        Woolpack Wanderers  
2018        Garrison Gunners 
2019        Woolpack Wanderers  
2020        Garrison Gunners

Wholesalers Cup
NB: apparently also known as Seasalt Cup

2008        Woolpack Wanderers
2009        Woolpack Wanderers
2010        Garrison Gunners
2011        Garrison Gunners            
2016        Woolpack Wanderers        4-4 Garrison Gunners          [4-3 pen]    

2019        Garrison Gunners       

Summer Invitational Cup

2020        Garrison Gunners       

League Cup

2021        Garrison Gunners       

Lyonesse Cup

2012        The Slaters (St Ives)     
2013        St Mary's FC
2014        St Mary's FC

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