Sierra Leone - List of Foundation Dates

1923   Mighty Blackpool FC (Freetown)            [founded as Socro United]
1924   Regent Olympic FC (Freetown)
192?   East End GC (Freetown)
       SE Tyrants (Freetown ?)
1928   East End Lions FC (Freetown)
1954   Diamond Stars FC (Kono)
196?   Freetown City FC                          [founded as Freetown United]
1966   Bo Rangers FC (Bo)                        [founded as Kakura Rangers]
       No-Limit FC (Freetown)
198?   FC Kallon (Freetown)                      [founded as Sierra Fisheries FC]
1992   Gold Leopards FC (Freetown)
1993   Anti-Drugs Strikers FC (Newton)
1996   Black Half United (?)
2001   Shining Stars Sandlanders FC (Bo)
2004   FC Johansen (Freetown)
       Manchester City FC (Freetown)
2006   Central Parade FC (Freetown)              [founded as Cenegal]
2007   FC Kellie (Freetown)

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