South Korea - Foundation Dates of Clubs

192?   Buddhist Young Men's Association     [disbanded 1925]
       Chundo FC                            [withdrew 1921 from the ACFC in protest of the unsportsmanlike
                                             behavior of opponents from Pyongyang and did not participate
                                             in any major football championship after this affair]
       Chosun FC
1925   Heungup Club (Kyungsung)                     
1933   Seoul FC                             [founded as Kyungsung FC; dissolved 1950-53]
1943   Incheon Korail FC                    [founded as Korea National Railroad FC]
1945   Daejeon Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power FC       
1947   Chosun Jeonup [Electricity Company]   
1973   Pohang Steelers FC                   [founded as POSCO FC]
1980   Ansan Hallelujah FC                  [founded as Hallelujah Soccer Team]         
1982   Jeju United FC                       [founded as Yukon FC]
1983   Busan I'Park                         [founded as Daewoo Royals]
       FC Seoul                             [founded as Lucky Goldstar FC]
       Ulsan Hyundai FC                     [founded as Hyundai Horang-i FC]   
       Goyang Hi FC                         [founded as Immanuel FC]
1984   Sangju Sangmu Phoenix FC             [founded as Sangmu FC]
1989   Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma FC             [founded as Chunma FC]
1994   Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC (Jeonju)   [founded as Jeonbuk Dinos FC]
1995   Suwon Samsung Bluewings FC      
       Chunnam Dragons FC (Gwangyang)      
       Bucheon FC 1995
1997   Daejeon Citizen FC
1998   Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Dolphin FC
       Changwon United FC                   [founded as Changwon Dudea FC]  
1999   Chungju Hummel FC
       Gangneung City FC
2002   Daegu FC
       Seoul Pabal FC                       [founded as Eunpyeong Chunggu Sungshim Hospital FC; dissolved 2008] 
2003   Incheon United FC
       Suwon City FC 
       Cheongju Jikji FC 
2004   Cheonan FC
2005   Changwon City FC
       Yesan United FC 
       Asan Citizen FC                      [founded as Asan FC] 
       Jeonju Ongoeul                       [dissolved 2010] 
2006   Gyeongnam FC
       Busan Transportation Corporation FC
       Samcheok Shinwoo Electronics FC      [dissolved 2011] 
       Hongcheon Idu FC                     [founded as Yeosu Ingnex FC] 
2007   Cheonan City FC
       Gwangju Gwangsan FC 
       Gyeongju Citizen FC 
       Jeonju EM FC 
       Namyangju United FC 
       Seoul United FC
       Yangju Citizen FC
       Yongin Citizen FC                    [dissolved 2011]   
2008   Gangwon FC
       Gimhae City FC 
       Goyang Citizen FC 
2009   Mokpo City FC
       Icheon Citizen FC 
       Seoul FC Martyrs 
2010   Gwangju FC
       Yongin City FC 
       Chuncheon FC
       Jeionnam Yeonggwang FC 
2012   Goyang Kookmin Bank FC
       Jungnang Churus Mustang FC 
       Paju Citizen FC 

Women Club Foundation Dates

1993   Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels
2002   Icheon Daekyo WFC (Goyang)
2004   Seoul Metropolitan Government Amazones WFC 
2007   Busan Sangmu WFC 
2008   Suwon City Facilities Management Corporation WFC
2011   Daejeon Sportstoto WFC 
       Hwacheon Korea Sports Promotion Foundation WFC

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