Sudan - List of Champions

The Khartoum State League was founded in the 1920s as the oldest provincial league (other sources state a Khartoum league was founded 1936; a first Sudanese championship was played in 1934 with Al-Merreikh as winners) and comprised 14 clubs. The Khartoum Premier League was founded in 1951. The national premier league was founded in the early 1990s; prior to that (apparently since 1961, but it is not clear whether the first season was 1961 or 1961/62) provincial champions played off for the "Shield" (national championship).
Year   Champions                               Runners-Up
1962   Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
1963     not held
1964   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1965   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Shati (Atbara)
1966   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1967   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1968   Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)                   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1969   Burri (Khartoum)                        Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1970   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1971   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1972   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1973   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1974,1 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1974,2 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1975   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1976     no competition
1977   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
1978   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1979     no competition
1980     no competition
1981   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Hay al-Arab (Port Sudan)
1982   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Ahli (Wad Medani)
1983   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1984   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1985   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Merreikh (Obayed)
1986   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1987   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1988   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1989   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)
1990   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1991   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1992   Al-Hilal (Port Sudan)                   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1993   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1994   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1995   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1996   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1997   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Mawrada (Omdurman)
1998   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
1999   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Hay al-Arab (Port Sudan)
2000   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2001   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman)    
2002   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2003   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2004   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2005   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2006   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2007   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2008   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2009   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2010   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2011   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2012   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2013   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2014   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2015   Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)                  Al-Hilal (Omdurman) 
2016   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2017   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)
2018   Al-Hilal (Omdurman)                     Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)

Note: there were two championships in 1974.

Number of Titles (54)

 31 Al-Hilal (Omdurman)

 20 Al-Merreikh (Omdurman)

  1 Burri (Khartoum) 
    Al-Hilal (Port Sudan) 
    Al-Mourada (Omdurman)

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