Somalia - List of Foundation Dates

1911         Alba FC (Mogadishu)   
1929         Comando Marina (Mogadishu)   
193?         AS Mogadiscio                        [founded as AC Mogadiscio]
1942         Gaadiidka FC Auto Parco (Mogadishu) 
1947         AC Bondhere (Mogadishu)              [aka Bondere; founded as Somali Youth League]
1948 Jan  3  LLPP Jeenyo (Mogadishu)              [aka United; founded as Lavori Publici] 
1950         Heegan FC (Mogadishu) 
1963         Mogadishu City Club (Mogadishu) 
1970         Dahabshiil (Burao)
1971         Batroolka FC
             Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1973         Dekedaha Naadigo (Mogadishu)
1991         Midnimo FC (Mogadishu)
1992         Bhariga Dhexe FC (Afgoye)
1993         Banadir SC (Mogadishu)               [founded as Conis; renamed Mogadishu City Club 2019]
             Elman FC (Mogadishu)
1994         Rajo FC
1999         Jazeera SC (Mogadishu)               [founded as Mogadishu United]
             Raadsan FC (Mogadishu) 
             FC Badbaado (Mogadishu)    

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