South East Asian Games, Tiger Cup, AFF Cup

The South East Asian Games are a biannual tournament for the nations in South East Asia. Since 1996 it is alternated with the Tiger Cup, in essence for the same group of nations. The first eight editions (up to and including 1975) went under the name of South East Asian Peninsula Games; since 1977 also countries from outside the peninsula (Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines) were admitted, and later also the (formerly) socialist countries (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) were (re-)admitted.

The SEA Games currently are an age-restricted (U-23) tournament (unlike the Tiger Cup).

Note that the SEA Games include other sports disciplines as well, among which women's football in some years.

Palmares South East Asian Games

year winner   
1956 Japan (unofficial)
1959 South Vietnam
1961 Malaysia
1965 Burma and Thailand (title shared)
1967 Burma
1969 Burma
1971 Burma
1973 Burma
1975 Thailand
1977 Malaysia
1979 Malaysia
1981 Thailand
1983 Thailand
1985 Thailand
1987 Indonesia
1989 Malaysia
1991 Indonesia
1993 Thailand
1995 Thailand
1997 Thailand
1999 Thailand
2001 Thailand
2003 Thailand
2005 Thailand
2007 Thailand
2009 Malaysia
2011 Malaysia
2013 Thailand
2015 Thailand
2017 Thailand

Number of Titles (29, one shared)

16 Thailand (1 shared)

 6 Malaysia

 5 Burma (1 shared)

 2 Indonesia

 1 South Vietnam

Palmares Tiger Cup/AFF Cup

year winner
Tiger Cup
1996 Thailand
1998 Singapore
2000 Thailand
2002 Thailand
2004 Singapore
Piala AFF (AFF Cup)
2007 Singapore
2008 Vietnam
2010 Malaysia
2012 Singapore
2014 Thailand
2016 Thailand

Number of Titles (11)

 5 Thailand

 4 Singapore

 1 Malaysia

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