South Pacific Games and Mini Games

The South Pacific Games were initially held irregularly; since 1971 they are held every four years; since 1981 another tournament, called South Pacific Mini Games, is also held every four years.

The New Hebrides changed name to Vanuatu upon independence. Tahiti played as French Polynesia in the first three tournaments. (Of course Tahiti is the main island of French Polynesia, and it is assumed that in all cases all players came from there.)

Tournament renamed Pacific Games from 2011 onwards.

Palmares South Pacific Games

Year  Winners                               Venue   
1963  New Caledonia                         Fiji
1966  French Polynesia                      New Caledonia           
1969  New Caledonia                         Papua New Guinea
1971  New Caledonia                         Tahiti
1975  Tahiti                                Guam
1979  Tahiti                                Fiji
1983  Tahiti                                Western Samoa
1987  New Caledonia                         New Caledonia
1991  Fiji                                  Papua New Guinea
1995  Tahiti                                Tahiti
1999    no football tournament              Guam
2003  Fiji                                  Fiji
2007  New Caledonia                                     Samoa

Number of Wins

 5 New Caledonia
   Tahiti (includes French Polynesia)
 2 Fiji

Palmares South Pacific Mini Games

Year  Winners                               Venue   
1981  Tahiti                                Solomon Islands
1985    no football tournament              Cook Islands
1989    no football tournament              Tonga
1993  Tahiti                                Vanuatu
1997    no football tournament              American Samoa
2001    no football tournament              Norfolk Islands
2005    no football tournament              Palau

Number of Wins

 2 Tahiti

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