Spain - List of Champions of Cantabria

The clubs of the province of Santander (currently Cantabria) played originally against teams of the Basque Country in the Campeonato Norte (1913-17) and the Campeonato de Vizcaya (1917-1923)

In 1923 the Santanderian clubs founded the "Federación Cántabra de Fútbol" and organized their own regional championship.

It was also a qualifying phase of the Spanish Cup.


Year           Champions
1923-24        R Racing C. de Santander
1924-25        R Racing C. de Santander
1925-26        R Racing C. de Santander
1926-27        R Racing C. de Santander
1927-28        R Racing C. de Santander
1928-29        R Racing C. de Santander
1929-30        R Racing C. de Santander
1930-31        R Racing C. de Santander
1931-32 [1]      not played
1932-33 [2]    Racing C. de Santander
1933-34        Racing C. de Santander
1934-35 [3]      not played
1935-36 [3]      not played
1936-37          not played due to Spanish Civil War
1937-38          not played due to Spanish Civil War
1938-39        Racing C. de Santander
1939-40        Racing C. de Santander


[1] In the season 1931-32 the Championships of Asturias and Cantabria merged in
    the "Campeonato Astur-cántabro". An Asturian team, Oviedo FC, was the 
[2] In 1932-33 the "Campeonato de Cantabria" is rebuilt, adding the Castilian
    club Palencia.
[3] In the seasons 1934-35 and 1935-36 the Cantabrian teams joined the teams
    from Centro, Castilla-León, Aragon and Logroño in the "Campeonato
    Castilla-Aragón". Racing C de Santander was runners-up in 1934-35.

Number of wins

12 Real Racing C. de Santander

Name change

Real Racing Club de Santander lost the word "Real" in 1931. In 1941 it took the
name of Real Santander. In 1972 recovered the original name.

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