Spain - Cup 1929

This season the first Spanish League is played. So, the Cup is restructured
to a direct knock out system.

Played by 32 teams, qualified in the Regional championships:

Catalunya (3): RCD Espanyol (Barcelona),CE Europa (Barcelona), FC Barcelona
Centro (3): Real Madrid, Athletic Madrid, Racing Madrid
Guipúzcoa (3): Real Sociedad (San Sebastián), Logroño, Real Unión Irún
Vizcaya (3): Athletic Bilbao, Arenas de Guecho, D. Alavés (Vitoria)
Galicia (2): Racing Ferrol, RC Celta (Vigo)
Asturias (2): Real Oviedo, R Sporting de Gijón
Valencia (2): CD Castellón, Valencia FC
Murcia (2): Real Murcia, Elche FC
Andalucía (2): Sevilla FC, Real Betis (Sevilla)
Aragón (2): Iberia SC (Zaragoza), Patria Aragón (Zaragoza)
Cantabria (2): Racing Santander, RS Gimnástica de Torrelavega
Castilla-León (2): Cultural D. Leonesa (León), Real Valladolid (merger of CD Español and 
                   Real Unión Valladolid)
Navarra (1): Osasuna (Pamplona)
Extremadura (1): Extremeño (Badajoz)
Balears (1): CD Alfonso XIII (Palma de Mallorca; currently RCD Mallorca)
Canarias (1): Marino (Las Palmas)


Sixteenth Finals

First Legs
[Dec 8, 1928]
Europa (Barcelona)      3-2     Valencia FC
Athletic de Madrid      3-0     Extremeño de Badajoz
[Dec 9, 1928]
Real Madrid             5-0     Real Oviedo
Real Betis              1-0     CD Logroño
Iberia de Zaragoza      2-0     Racing de Madrid
RC Celta                2-1     Athletic de Bilbao
Deportivo Alavés        1-1     Racing de Ferrol
CD Castellón            4-2     Cultural Leonesa
Arenas de Guecho        2-0     Real Unión de Irún
Sporting de Gijón       3-4     Espanyol (Barcelona)
Gimn. de Torrelavega    5-1     Alfonso XIII (Palma de Mallorca)
Real Sociedad           6-0     Patria Aragón de Zaragoza
FC Barcelona            7-1     Racing de Santander
Real Valladolid         2-0     Sevilla FC
Real Murcia             4-2     Atlético Osasuna              [annulled]

Second Legs [Dec 16 1928]
Valencia FC             2-1     Europa (Barcelona)
Extremeño de Badajoz    0-0     Athletic de Madrid
Real Oviedo             2-4     Real Madrid
CD Logroño              2-0     Real Betis
Racing de Madrid        3-0     Iberia de Zaragoza
Athletic de Bilbao      7-1     RC Celta
Racing de  Ferrol       2-0     Deportivo Alavés
Cultural Leonesa        2-1     CD Castellón
Real Unión de Irún      1-3     Arenas de Guecho
Espanyol (Barcelona)    5-2     Sporting de Gijón
Alfonso XIII (Palma)    1-2     Gimnástica de Torrelavega
Patria Aragón (Zaragoza)0-4     Real Sociedad
Racing de Santander     2-2     FC Barcelona
Sevilla FC              8-0     Real Valladolid
Atlético Osasuna        1-0     Real Murcia                   [annulled]

Playoff [Zaragoza, Dec 18 1928]
Valencia FC             4-3     Europa (Barcelona)

Replay [Madrid, Dec 19 1928]
Atlético Osasuna        4-2     Real Murcia
  [due to irregularities in the refereeing of the first leg, both results
   were annulled and the tie decided in a single match at a neutral venue]

NB: Elche FC bye due to withdrawal Marino (Las Palmas)

Eighth Finals

First Legs [Dec 23 1928]
FC Barcelona            6-0     Real Sociedad
Arenas de Guecho        4-6     Espanyol (Barcelona)
Racing de Ferrol        1-1     Athletic de Bilbao
Valencia FC             1-3     Racing de Madrid
Gimn. de Torrelavega    2-3     Athletic de Madrid
Real Madrid             8-0     CD Logroño
Atlético Osasuna        0-1     Sevilla FC
CD Castellón            5-0     Elche FC

Second Legs
[Dec 30 1928]
Espanyol (Barcelona)    3-1     Arenas de Guecho
Athletic de Bilbao      4-0     Racing de Ferrol
Racing de Madrid        2-1     Valencia FC
Athletic de Madrid      1-1     Gimnástica de Torrelavega
CD Logroño              0-5     Real Madrid
Sevilla FC              4-2     Atlético Osasuna
Elche FC                0-2     CD Castellón
[Jan 1]
Real Sociedad           0-0     FC Barcelona

First Legs [Jan 6]
Espanyol (Barcelona)    5-1     Athletic de Madrid
Sevilla FC              0-1     FC Barcelona
CD Castellón            2-2     Athletic de Bilbao
Real Madrid             3-1     Racing de Madrid

Second Legs
[Jan 12]
Racing de Madrid        2-6     Real Madrid
[Jan 13]
Athletic de Madrid      2-4     Espanyol (Barcelona)
FC Barcelona            2-0     Sevilla FC
Athletic de Bilbao      2-1     CD Castellón


First Legs [Jan 20]
Real Madrid             3-1     Athletic de Bilbao
Espanyol (Barcelona)    2-0     FC Barcelona

Second Legs [Jan 27]
Athletic de Bilbao      1-4     Real Madrid
FC Barcelona            1-1     Espanyol (Barcelona)

Final [Feb 3]
Estadio de Mestalla, Valencia
RCD Espanyol (Barcelona)    2-1     Real Madrid FC
  [Padrón, Bosch; Lazcano]
  [ref: Pelayo Serrano]
Español: Zamora, Saprisa, González, Trabal, Solé, Kaiser, Vantolrá,
         Broto, Tena I, Padrón, Bosch
Madrid: Cabo, Quesada, Urquizu, Prats, Esparza, J.M. Peña, Lazcano,
        Triana, Gaspar Rubio, Morera, López

Overview of Finals



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