Spain - Cup 1936

(Qualifying rounds of the Spanish Cup)

*   : enter in Round of 16 of Spanish Cup (regional champions plus 
      Athletic Bilbao, as League champions, and teams playing final round
      of Spanish Second division, at the same dates of the first
      eliminatories of the Cup)
**  : enter in Fourth round (other First Division teams)
*** : enter in First round of Spanish Cup

Copa Vasca (Basque Cup):
1.Arenas Getxo *
2.Unión Irún ***
3.Barakaldo ***
4.Athletic Bilbao *
5.Osasuna (Pamplona) **
6.Donostia (former Real Sociedad) ***
Winners of Second level: Erandio ***

Champ. Catalunya:
1.Barcelona *
2.Badalona ***
3.Sabadell ***
4.Espanyol (Barcelona) **
5.Girona *
6.Júpiter (Barcelona) ***
Winners of Second level: Granollers***

Champ. Castilla - Aragón:
1.Madrid FC *
2.Zaragoza *
3.Athletic Madrid **
4.Racing Santander **
5.Nacional (Madrid) ***
6.Valladolid ***
Winners of Second level: UD Salamanca***

Champ. Asturias and Galicia:
2.Unión Sportiva Vigo***
3.Sporting Gijón***
4.Celta (Vigo) **
5.Stadium Avilesino***
6.Deportivo La Coruña***
Winners of Second level: Lemos (Monforte de Lemos)***

Champ. Levante:
1.Hércules (Alicante)*
2.Valencia **
3.Murcia *
4.Levante FC (Valencia) ***
5.Gimnástico Valencia***
Winners of Second level: Cartagena FC***

Champ. Sur:
2.Xerez SC*
3.Betis (Sevilla)**
4.Recreativo Granada***
5.Malacitano (Málaga)***
6.Mirandilla (Cádiz)***
Winners of Second level: Racing Córdoba***

Champions of Balearic Islands: Mallorca***
Champions of Northern Africa: Athletic Tetuán***
Canary Islands representative: Unión Tenerife***

Group I
1.Deportivo La Coruña,7  (qualifies)
2.Lemos (Monforte de Lemos),3
3.Unión Sportiva Vigo,2
Stadium Avilesino withdrew

Group II
1.Sporting Gijón,8 (qualifies)
3.Nacional (Madrid),5

Group III
1.Barakaldo,7 (qualifies)
4.Unión Irún,4

Group IV
1.Sabadell,9 (qualifies)
2.Júpiter (Barcelona),7

Group V
1.Levante FC (Valencia),6 (qualifies)
2.Gimnástico Valencia,4
Elche withdrew

Group VI
1.Malacitano (Málaga),8 (qualifies)
2.Mirandilla (Cádiz),7
3.Recreativo Granada,6
4.Racing Córdoba,3

Group VII
Athletic Tetuán-Unión Tenerife         2-1, 1-0

Bye: CD Mallorca


Deportivo La Coruña - Sporting Gijón   5-1, 0-4, 0-2
Levante FC (Valencia) - Barakaldo           0-1 (single match)
Mallorca - Sabadell                    2-1, 1-4
Athletic Tetuán - Malacitano (Málaga)  2-2, 0-3


Barakaldo - Sporting Gijón             3-2, 0-2
Sabadell - Malacitano (Málaga)         2-1, 1-1


Sporting Gijón - Athletic Madrid       5-1, 3-2
Espanyol (Barcelona) - Valencia        1-0, 3-4, 3-2
Betis (Sevilla) - Sabadell             3-0, 1-1
Osasuna (Pamplona) - Racing Santander  5-1, 2-0

OCTAVOS DE FINAL (Round of 16)
10 and 17 May

Madrid FC - Arenas Getxo               2-1, 1-2, 6-1
  (replay at Madrid, May 21th)
Athletic Bilbao - Celta (Vigo)         6-0, 1-4
Sporting Gijón - Barcelona             0-0, 0-4
Espanyol (Barcelona) - Xerez SC        3-0, 3-3
Sevilla - Hércules (Alicante)          3-1, 2-4, 0-2
  (replay at Madrid, May 19th)
Murcia - Zaragoza                      2-0, 0-3
Osasuna (Pamplona) - Oviedo            5-1, 4-5
Girona - Betis (Sevilla)               1-2, 2-3

24 and 31 May

Madrid - Athletic Bilbao               2-1, 1-0
Espanyol (Barcelona) - Barcelona       2-1, 0-3
Zaragoza - Hércules (Alicante)         1-1, 0-3
Betis (Sevilla) - Osasuna (Pamplona)   0-0, 1-3

7 and 14 June

Madrid - Hércules (Alicante)           7-0, 1-2
Osasuna (Pamplona) - Barcelona         4-2, 1-7

Valencia, June 21th 1936

MADRID FC - FC BARCELONA                    2-1
Madrid FC: Zamora,Ciriaco, Quincoces, Pedro Regueiro, Bonet, Sauto,
           Eugenio, Luis Regueiro, Sañudo, Lecue, Emilín
FC Barcelona: Iborra, Areso, Bayo, Argemí, Franco, Balmanya, Vantolrà,
              Raich, Escolà, Fernández, Munlloch
Referee: Ostalé
Goals:1-0 Eugenio, 2-0 Lecue, 2-1 Escolà

Madrid FC was the name used by Real Madrid in the period 1931-1939.

A play of this final is still remembered. The mythic goalkeeper
Ricard Zamora played the last match of his career. In the very last minute,
he got an "impossible save" to a shoot by Escolà, which might have been
the draw. It is the most remembered save in Spanish football.

Overview of Finals


1937 (Copa de España Libre)


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