Sri Lanka 2011/12

Dialog Champions League 2011/12
Dialog Champions of Champions 2012
Holcim FA Cup 2012
FFSL Premier League Division I 2011/12
Premier League Division II 2011

Dialog Champions League 2011/12

Final Table:

 1.Ratnam SC (Kotahena)           22  15  2  5  37-20  47  Champions
 2.SL Army SC                     22  11  9  2  31-15  42
 3.SL Navy SC                     22  12  5  5  31-12  41
 4.Don Bosco SC (Negombo)         22  10  7  5  27-20  37
 5.SL Air Force SC                22   7 10  5  24-20  31
 6.Renown SC                      22   8  7  7  28-25  31
 7.SL Police SC                   22   7  9  6  23-21  30
 8.Blue Star SC (Kalutara)        22   7  2 13  23-32  23
 9.Saunders SC (Pettah)           22   4 10  8  18-21  22
10.New Young's SC (Wennapuwa)     22   3  8 11  22-42  17
11.Nandimithra SC                 22   3  8 11  19-44  17  Relegated
12.Java Lane SC (Slave Island)    22   2  9 11  16-27  15  Relegated

NB: top-4 qualified for Dialog Champions of Champions 2012

Dialog Champions of Champions 2012

[Mar 4]
Army                      0-1 SL Navy
[Mar 10]
Ratman                    2-0 Don Bosco
Final [Mar 17]
SL Navy                   4-1 Ratnam   

Holcim FA Cup 2012

139 teams participating
Known results:

Qualifying Round 
[Apr 21,22]
EPZ SC (Polgahawela)      2-1 Kandy York SC
Mathegoda SC              awd Colombo York SC           [York dns; awarded 3-0]
Youngsters SC             awd Young Marians             [Young Marians dns; awarded 3-0]
Young Silver SC           2-2 Chanmil SC                [4-3 pen]
Thunders SC (Wattala)     6-1 Eveready SC
Moragasmulla SC           4-0 Jupiter SC
Sarasavi SC               2-1 Fortuna SC
Maroons SC                5-1 Bolawatte SC
Thunders SC (Wen.)        1-0 Red Rose SC
Badowita SC               1-0 Dharga Town SC   
Old Peterites SC          1-0 New Youngs SC (Beruwela)
Flying Arrows SC          5-0 Green Lane SC
Zavia SC                  6-5 Old Hinduizts SC
Great Star SC             4-0 Urban Council (Galle)
Thiyariya Youth SC        4-0 Liverpool SC
Crystal Palace SC         6-0 Bosconian SC (Hatton)
Renown SC (Hatton)        3-0 Camaroon SC
Rebels SC                 3-0 Naseby Lake Side
Diamond SC (PP)           6-4 St Anthony's SC
Olympic SC (Trivandrum)   0-1 Olympic SC (Ampara)       
Brilliant SC              4-0 Badulla City    
Ports Authority SC        5-1 Al Hijra SC (Vav.)
National United SC        2-1 Blue Stars SC (Hatton) 
Young Birds               1-0 Hyline SC
Red Star SC               4-1 Super Beach SC
YMSC                      5-4 Maligawatte Youth SC
Barberyn SC               3-1 Ratmalana United SC  
[Apr 28,29]
Upcountry Lions SC        4-0 Evershine SC  
Small Drayton SC Kotagala 3-1 Jolly Boys (Matale)
Cooray SC                 2-1 Madinnagoda Youth (Rajagiriya)
Jet Liners                2-2 Victory                   [4-3 pen] 
New Star (Puttalam)       1-0 Eleven Star SC   
Old Mazedonian            3-0 Wimbledon SC
Light House SC            3-1 Young Thottawatte
Bentota SC                1-1 Golden Rise               [4-2 pen]
Greenfield SC             4-0 Old Royalists
Sunrise SC                2-0 Municipal Council SC (Galle) 
Golden Star SC            0-0 Red Sun SC                [4-1 pen]
Young Mates SC            3-3 Manchester SC             [3-0 pen] 
Eagle SC                  3-1 Singing Fish (Gurunagar)    
Young Star (Batticaloa)   3-0 Sunny Mount
Eastern Youth             3-0 Flying Arrows
St Lucia's SC             3-0 Anuradhapura YSC
Middlesex SC (Ratnapura)  2-0 Rangers SC (Nuwara Eliya) [3-1 pen] 
High Landers SC          11-0 Micro SC
Green Beret               8-0 Hambantota SC     
[May 5]
New Star SC (Colombo)     4-1 Old Wesleyites
Premier SC                0-1 United Star SC (Negombo)    
[May 6]
Kolons SC                 2-1 Old Senanayakians SC
Dharga York SC            1-7 Kuruduwatte United SC
Serendib SC               3-6 Millenium SC        
Rangers (Matale)          4-6 Young Eagles SC
[May 7]
Gold Moon SC              3-3 Manahara SC               [4-2 pen]
[May 9]
Maya SC                   bt  New Guadiyans

Round 1 [May ?]
Great Star SC             8-3 Thihariya Youth SC  
New Star SC (Colombo)     5-0 Youngsters SC
St Lucia's SC             2-0 Eastern Youth SC
Young Silver SC           0-0 Thunders SC (Wattala)     [3-4 pen]
Zavia SC                   -  Flying Arrows SC
Rebels SC                 3-6 Young Birds SC
Keteriyans SC             4-1 Diamond SC (Point-Pedro)
Solid SC                 15-1 Eagle SC
Brilliant SC              3-0 Ports Authority SC
Moragasmulla SC           bt  Sarasavi SC
Cooray SC                 2-4 New Star SC  (Puttalam) 
Old Mazedonian SC         5-0 Mattegoda SC
Light House SC            0-6 Kalutara Park SC
Bentota SC                1-5 Green Field SC
Pelicans SC              18-0 Fordyce SC
EPZ SC                    2-4 Millenium SC
Young Mates SC            3-1 Crystal Palace SC
Jet Liners                2-1 United Star SC
Sunrise SC                1-1 Kuruduwatte United SC     [3-2 pen]
Young Star SC             1-1 Olympic SC (Ampara)       [4-3 pen]
Middlesex SC              0-0 High Landers SC           [3-2 pen]
Small Drayton SC          3-1 National United SC
Maroon SC                 6-0 Thunder SC (Wennapuwa)
Renown SC (Hatton)        0-0 Mawanella SC              [3-1 pen]   
Red Star SC               6-1 Kolons SC
Young Mens SC             1-0 Badowita SC
Barberyn SC               3-1 Old Peterites SC
Maya SC                   awd Golden Star SC            [awarded 3-0]
Super Sun SC              3-1 Green Beat SC
Upcountry Lions SC        1-0 Young Eagles SC
Sri Padians SC            3-2 Gold Moon SC     
Negombo Youth SC          bt  United SC                
Round 2 
[May ?]
Upcountry Lions SC        0-4 Pelicans SC
Old Mazedonians           0-4 New Star SC (Colombo)
Millenium SC              0-4 Young Mates SC
Middlesex SC              1-1 Brilliant SC              [4-3 pen]
St Lucia's SC             5-1 Young Star SC 
Thunder SC (Wattala)      3-0 Jet Liners    
Moragasmulla SC           1-1 New Star SC (Puttalam)    [4-3 pen]
Red Star SC               3-0 Young Mens SC 
Solid SC                  3-2 Keteriyans SC  
Sunrise SC                0-0 Great Star SC             [3-2 pen]
Small Drayton SC          2-0 Super Sun SC   
Negombo Youth SC          bt  [?]
[Jun 2,3]
Young Birds SC            2-1 Renown SC (Hatton)   
[Jun 10]
Kalutara Park SC          0-0 Barbarian SC              [4-3 pen]  
NB: 2 fixtures missing

Round 3 
[Jun 2]
Solid SC                  awd St Lucia's SC             [abandoned at 2-2, St Lucia's refused to 
[Jun 3]                                                  play penalty shootout; awarded to Solid]
Middlesex SC              0-0 Small Drayton SC          [3-0 pen]   
[?]                       0-0 Sunrise SC (Beruwella)    [2-3 pen]
Thunder SC (Wattala)      0-3 Moragasmulla SC 
[Jun 10]
Young Mates SC            1-0 Young Birds SC        
[Jul 7]
Negombo Youth SC          2-0 New Star SC (Colombo)
[Jul ?]
Kalutara Park SC          bt  Red Star SC       
Pelicans SC               bt  [?]

NB: Air Force, Java Lane, Renown and Saunders (top level clubs which did not reach 2011 FA Cup
    quarterfinals) enter in round 4, joint with Colombo FC, Matara City, Old Bens and SLTB SC

Round 4
[Jun 9]                                                  
Moragasmulla SC           1-3 Renown SC                
[Jul 8]
Pelicans SC               1-0 Saunders SC 
Java Lane SC              3-2 Solid SC
Air Force SC              4-1 Sunrise SC
[Jul 12]
SLTB SC                   1-1 Negombo Youth             [4-2 pen]
NB: 3 other fixtures not known; 
    winners: Kalutara Park SC, Matara City and Old Bens;
    losers: Colombo FC, Middlesex SC and Young Mates SC.

NB: Ratnam SC, SL Navy SC, Blue Star SC, Nandimithra SC, SL Police SC, SL Army SC, New Young’s SC
    and Don Bosco SC (all quarterfinalists 2011) all had byes until 1/8 finals.

1/8 Finals 
[Jul 14]
Army SC                   1-0 Pelicans SC  
Blue Star SC              0-0 Air Force SC              [2-3 pen]  
Police SC                 2-0 Old Bens SC
Renown SC                 3-1 Nandimithra SC
[Jul 15]
Kalutara Park SC          0-4 Navy SC                   
Ratnams SC                4-0 Matara City SC
SLTB SC                   1-3 New Young's SC            
Don Bosco SC              2-0 Java Lane SC 
[Jul 21]
Ratnams SC                3-1 Don Bosco SC
Navy SC                   1-0 Air Force SC 
[Jul 22]
Renown SC                 2-0 New Youngs SC
Army SC                   abd Police SC                 [abandoned at 1-0 in 65' due to crowd trouble] 
[Jul 27]
Army SC                   awd Police SC                 [remaining 25'; awarded to Army, Police dns] 

[Jul 28]
Navy SC                   1-0 Ratnams SC
[Aug 8]
Army SC                   1-1 Renown SC                 [4-2 pen]   
Final [Aug 18, Nawalapitiya]
Navy SC                   1-1 Army SC                   [5-4 pen]

FFSL Premier League Division I 2011/12

Semifinals | Final 

Participants (14):

Group 1
   Golden Star SC (Kandy)      
   Green Field SC (Kalutara)  
   Kalutara Park SC         
   Moragasmulla SC (Rajagiriya)   
   Negombo Youth SC 
   York SC (Kandy)               
   Super Beach SC (Kalutara)                 
NB: Negombo Youth and Kalutara Park qualified for semifinals;
    Green Field relegated or excluded for 2012/13

Group 2
   Brilliant SC (Ampara)   
   Cooray SC (Wellawatte)           
   Jupiter's SC (Negombo)  
   Old Bens SC (Kotahena)    
   Pelicans SC (Kurunegala)             
   Red Sun SC (Gampola)      
   Sarasavi SC (Kotte)   
NB: Pelicans and Old Bens qualified for semifinals;
    Brilliant relegated or excluded for 2012/13                           


[Feb 25, Kurunegala] 
Pelicans SC               0-3 Kalutara Park SC
[Feb 26, Maris Stella grounds,  Negombo]
Negombo Youth SC          1-1 Old Bens SC               [4-3 pen]

NB: both finalists promoted; eventually also Pelicans (but not Old Bens)
    were admitted to the top level 2013 Dialog Champions League (!)

Final [Mar 11, Vernon Fernando stadium, Kalutara]
Kalutara Park SC          1-0 Negombo Youth SC 
  [Malinga Silva 38]

Premier League Division II 2011

Semifinals | Final 

Participants (14):

Group 1
   Eastern Youth SC (Ampara) 
   Hyline SC (Dangolla) 
   Jet Liners SC (Gampoha) 
   Matara City SC
   S.L.T.B. SC (Colombo) 
   Solid SC (Anuradhapura)     

Group 2
   Colombo FC 
   Comrades SC (Badulla)
   Maligawatte Youth SC (Colombo) 
   Mawanella United SC
   New Star SC (Panadura) 
   Old Mazenodians SC (Wattala)
   Rathmalane United SC
   Super Sun SC (Beruwela) 

NB: one of the clubs listed for Group 2 (probably Comrades SC (Badulla)) actually was 
    scheduled to play in Group 1 but apparently withdrew

Relegated: Comrades SC (Badulla) and Mawanella United SC


[Oct 2011]
Matara City SC            2-0 Super Sun SC    
Solid SC                  1-1 Colombo FC                [5-4 pen]

NB: both finalists promoted; eventually, all four semifinalists were
    admitted to the top level 2013 Dialog Champions League (!)

Final [Oct 29, German Football Complex, Matara]
Matara City SC            0-1 Solid SC   
  [H M Amith Kumara 80]

NB: both Solid SC and Matara City SC had been promoted from the 4th level in 2010/11



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