Saint Lucia 2015

President's Cup
Super League
Inter-district Tournament
Blackheart/Kashif and Shanghai Knockout Football Tournament 2015

President's Cup 2015

NB: competition open to the top-2 clubs from 19 districts played over six weeks;
    eight clubs qualified for a final tournament at the Soufriere Mini Stadium
    (presumably played in knock-out format); these eight clubs also qualified
    for the 2016 National First Division Club Championship.

Participants (31; 7 clubs apparently declined to enter):

Northern Zone (8)
  Des Barras
  Super J Northern United    - Qualified for Final 8
  Flames FC
  Big Players FC             - Qualified for Final 8
  La All Stars
  Police FC
Southern Zone (7)
  Young Roots                - Qualified for Final 8
  W. Mangue United
  Pascal's Joseph
  Samos Jovenes FC
  Black Tiger
  Platinum FC                - Qualified for Final 8
  The United Stars FC
Eastern Zone (9)
  Rovers United FC           - Qualified for Final 8
  Small Axe FC
  Praslin Bay FC
  On the Rock Strikers
  Survivals FC               - Qualified for Final 8
  Lion Heart FC
  Leeds United
  La Pointe FC
  Piton Travel Young Stars
Western Zone (7)
  All Stars 1987
  Ciceron Seagulls FC        - Qualified for Final 8
  Young Roots FC
  CT Foundation
  Roseau Valley Juniors      - Qualified for Final 8
NB: start: Oct 27

Final Round

[Nov 28]
Northern United            5-1 Roseau Valley Juniors
Big Players                1-0 Ciceron Seagulls  
[Dec 2]
Young Roots                3-0 Survivals
Platinum FC                1-0 Rovers United
Playoff 5th-8th Place

[Dec 9]
Roseau Valley Juniors      1-1 Survivals
Seagulls                   2-3 Rovers United
Playoff 1st-4th Place

[Dec 12]
Northern United            1-2 Young Roots
Big Players                3-2 Platinum FC

Final Standings:

 1.Young Roots (Vieux Fort North)
 2.Big Players FC (Marchand)
 3.Super J Northern United (Gros Islet)
 4.Platinum FC
 5.Rovers United FC (Mabouya Valley)
 6.Survivals FC (Mabouya Valley)
 7.Ciceron Seagulls FC (South Castries) 
 8.Roseau Valley Juniors (Roseau Valley)

NB: these 8 clubs also qualified for the 2016 SLFA First Division.

Super League 2015

NB: second edition; note that in spite of the fanciful name, this is just a knock-out
    tournament for district representations;
    aka Vizions Michel's Electrical Knock Out Football championship 2015

Round 1 
[Apr 18]
Roseau                     0-0 Dennery                    [4-3 pen]
Gros Islet                 7-0 Desruisseaux
  [Aranis Lorde 21, Troy Greenidge 22, 36, 42, 63, Elijah Louis 63, Nicholas Lawrence 90]
[Apr 19]
Mabouya Valley             3-2 Choiseul
  [Martis Joseph 36, Wayne Theodule 55, Yveslin Eugene 65; Leontus Joseph 48, Tarrie Alcee 90]
Mon Repos                  1-0 La Clery   
  [Yod Fevrier 67]      
Anse la Raye               3-0 Laborie   
  [Dane St. Croix 70, Mackean St. Croix 86, Georges Guillet 90]
[Apr 21]
Canaries                   1-0 South Castries
  [Titus Shepherd 88]
Soufrière                  2-0 Babonneau
  [Simon 27, Nixon David 58]
[Apr 22]
Micoud                     0-0 Marchand                   [4-3 pen]
Central Castries           0-0 Vieux-Fort North           [5-4 pen]
Vieux-Fort South           bye 
Round 2
[Apr 25]
Roseau                     0-2 Canaries
  [David Henry 43, Fitus Shepard 75]
Vieux-Fort South           3-1 Mon Repos
  [Antonio Joseph, Shem Savery, Thruston Joseph; Leslie James]
Mabouya Valley             0-4 Gros Islet
  [Troy Greenidge (2), Elijah Louis (2)]
[Apr 26]
Central Castries           1-2 Micoud
  [Jonathan Symphorien 44; Matton James 45, Carlton Daniel 81]
Anse la Raye               0-0 Soufrière                  [3-4 pen]
Intermediate Round [Apr 29]
Soufrière                  2-1 Micoud
Semifinals [May 17]
Vieux-Fort South           3-1 Canaries
  [Andre Stephen, Noah Nicolas, Thurston Joseph; David Henry 28]
Gros Islet                 5-2 Soufrière
  [David Sam 8, Troy Greenidge 21, 61, Elijah Louis 72, Nicolas Lawrence 88; Nixon David (2)]
Third Place Match [May 25]
Soufrière                  1-0 Canaries 
  [Nixon David 8]
Final [May 25, Phillip Marcellin Grounds, Vieux Fort]
Gros Islet                 1-0 Vieux-Fort South
  [Troy Greenidge 74]

Inter-district Tournament 2015

[May 30]
Vieux Fort North           bt  La Clery 
Dennery                    lt  Mabouya Valley 
[May 31]
Marchand                   lt  Anse la Raye 
Soufrière                  bt  Roseau Valley

Semifinals [Jun 6]
Vieux Fort North           bt  Anse la Raye 
Soufrière                  bt  Mabouya Valley

Final [Jun 13]
Vieux Fort North           1-2 Soufrière                  
  [Jeffery Estaphane 76; Bobby Emmanuel 28, 56]

Blackheart/Kashif and Shanghai Knockout Football Tournament 2015

NB: 13th edition

Qualification Playoff

First Legs [Aug 12]
Anse-la-Raye               2-1 Choiseul 
  [Dane St. Croix 69, Ked Cadassemore 79; Miguel Cox 15]
Mon Repos                  1-1 Desruisseaux          
  [Gelani Neptune 10; Silvious Stephen 72]
Second Legs [Aug 23]
Desruisseaux               0-1 Mon Repos
Choiseul                   1-1 Anse-la-Raye
Final Playoff [Aug 29, Mindoo Phillip Park, Castries]
Anse-la-Raye               3-1 Mon Repos                  

NB: Anse-la-Raye qualified for tournament proper
Tournament Proper

1/8 Finals
[Sep 18]
Central Castries           0-3 Marchand
Canaries                   1-0 La Clery
[Sep 20]
Babonneau                  1-0 Laborie
Dennery                    4-1 Anse-la-Raye
[Sep 23]
Vieux-Fort North           0-1 Roseau
Vieux-Fort South           0-1 South Castries
[Sep 26]
Micoud                     1-0 Mabouya Valley
Soufrière                  4-2 Gros Islet
[Sep 27]
Dennery                    4-0 South Castrries
Canaries                   1-0 Babonneau
[Sep 30]
Roseau                     0-2 Soufrière
Marchand                   1-3 Micoud
Semifinals [Oct 3]
Soufrière                  1-2 Micoud
Canaries                   0-1 Dennery 
Final [Oct 10]
Micoud                     1-0 Dennery



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