K.S.C. (Curaçao) tour of Surinam 1948

K.S.C. (Katholieke Sport Centrale) were a catholic sports federation on Curaçao, and as such a rival for the official F.I.F.A. members on the island, the C.V.B. In 1948, they were invited by their Surinam counterparts, the N.G.V.B. to enter a triangular tournament also involving the squad of British Guiana, who simultaneously contested the Amo Amateur Cup. However, they walked off in their second match against the N.G.V.B., unhappy with a number of refereeing decisions, and returned home in a huff; their last two matches were cancelled.
Matches part of the celebrations of the birthday of Koningin Wilhelmina.

29- 8-1948 Xerxes          2-1 K.S.C.          [HT: 1-1]
31- 8-1948 N.G.V.B.        2-0 K.S.C.          [HT: 2-0]
             [Spier 1-0, Spier 2-0]
             [N.G.V.B.: MacDonald; Martels, Leysner; Brasdorp (HT: Roep), Buie,
                        Kamperveen; Veldhuizen, Rack, Gomez, Spier, Venlo;
              K.S.C.: Pinedo; Sloop, Mercelina; Frans, Petronella, Hofman; Matilda,
                      Wright, Siliť, Nicia (HT: Duwaer), Priviani (HT: Clarissa);
              ref: Chehin]
 2- 9-1948 B.G.F.A.        1-1 K.S.C.
 4- 9-1948 N.G.V.B.        abd K.S.C.          [abandoned at 2-1, K.S.C. walked off]
 6- 9-1948 B.G.F.A.        n/p K.S.C.
 7- 9-1948 N.G.V.B.        n/p K.S.C.          


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