Surinam 1947


NB: no official league appears to have been organised; instead the
    S.V.B. held a competition consisting mostly of "evening matches"
    including a number of former N.G.V.B. clubs (e.g. Leo Victor,
    N.A.K.S. and Spes Patriae).

Available Results

[Apr 2]
P.V.V.           2-2 Go Ahead
Mata Hari        1-1 Hollandia
Arsenal          2-0 Cicerone

[Apr 22]
Atlas            3-1 N.A.K.S.
Go Ahead         1-2 Arsenal
Remo             2-1 Hollandia

[Apr 25]
Hollandia        2-1 S.V.V.
Leo Victor       2-0 Cicerone
[Apr 26]
N.A.K.S.         6-0 W.I.K.
M.V.V.           8-0 Remo

M.V.V. won the competition mid-June

[Jun 25] 
Hollandia        2-0 Spes Patriae
 [NB: first match Spes Patriae as member S.V.B.]
M.V.V.           4-1 P.V.V.

NB: at the end of July 1947, the N.G.V.B. (see below) was revived,
    and some of its former member clubs (e.g. Leo Victor) then
    left the S.V.B.  However, N.A.K.S. and Spes Patriae remained
    in the S.V.B. for the moment.

Paramountbeker 1947

[Aug 23]
N.A.K.S.         1-1 Spes Patriae


The N.G.V.B. (Nederlands Guyana Voetbal Bond), which had been
dissolved during the war, was revived in July 1947.  It started
organising matches again at the beginning of August 1947, with
a number (but not all) of its former member clubs, including 
Leo Victor, withdrawing from the S.V.B.

Available Results (presumably friendly matches)

[Aug 3]
Blauw-Wit        3-1 M.Y.O.B.
[Aug 10]
Olympia          1-1 Leo Victor
Columbia         3-1 Nehru Boys
Moslim Star      2-0 Atlantic Boys



list of champions.

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