Syria - List of Champions

Season   Champions                Runners-Up               Third Place

1966/67  Al-Ahly (Aleppo)         Ghazy (Deir ez-Zor)      Barada (Damascus)
1967/68  Al-Ahly (Aleppo)         Ghazy (Deir ez-Zor)      Barada (Damascus)
1968/69  Barada (Damascus)        Ghazy (Deir ez-Zor)      Al-Ahly (Aleppo) 
1969/70  Barada (Damascus)        Ghazy (Deir ez-Zor)      Al-Ahly (Aleppo) 
1970/71    no tournament
1971/72    no tournament
1972/73  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Karama (Homs)
1973/74    no tournament
1974/75  Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor) Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)
1975/76  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Karama (Homs)    
1976/77  Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Horriya (Aleppo)
1977/78    no tournament 
1978/79  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)    
1979/80  Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Horriya (Aleppo)      Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)    
1980/81    no tournament
1981/82  Teshrin (Latakia)        Al-Wathba (Homs)         Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)    
1982/83  Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor)
1983/84  Al-Karama (Homs)         Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)  
1984/85  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Jabala (Jabala)
1986     Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor)
1986/87  Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Shorta (Damascus)
1987/88  Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor)
1988/89  Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Ittihad (Aleppo) 
1989/90  Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor) Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Wathba (Homs)     
1990/91  Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor) Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Shorta (Damascus) 
1991/92  Al-Horriya (Aleppo)      Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)    
1992/93  Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Horriya (Aleppo)     
1993/94  Al-Horriya (Aleppo)      Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)
1994/95  Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Jabala (Jabala)          Al-Karama (Homs)     
1995/96  Al-Karama (Homs)         Hottin (Latakia)         Teshrin (Latakia)
1996/97  Teshrin (Latakia)        Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Karama (Homs)  
1997/98  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Hottin (Latakia)    
1998/99  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Wahda (Damascus)
1999/00  Jabala (Jabala)          Hottin (Latakia)         Teshrin (Latakia)
2000/01  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)    
2001/02  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Wahda (Damascus)
2002/03  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Qardaha (Qardaha)
2003/04  Al-Wahda (Damascus)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Teshrin (Latakia)
2004/05  Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Wahda (Damascus)
2005/06  Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Wahda (Damascus)
2006/07  Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Taliya (Hama)
2007/08  Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Majd (Damascus)       Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)
2008/09  Al-Karama (Homs)         Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Jaish (Damascus)     
2009/10  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Karama (Homs)         Teshrin (Latakia)
2010/11  Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Wahda (Damascus) 
2011/12  Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Taliya (Hama)
2013     Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Horriya (Aleppo)
2014     Al-Wahda (Damascus)      Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Mouhafaza 
2014/15  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Shorta (Damascus)     Al-Wahda (Damascus)
2015/16  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Wahda (Damascus)      Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)
2016/17  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Teshrin (Latakia)        Al-Wahda (Damascus)   
2017/18  Al-Jaish (Damascus)      Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)      Al-Wahda (Damascus)

Number of Titles (47):

16 Al-Jaish (Damascus)       [aka Army]

 8 Al-Karama (Homs)

 6 Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)       [formerly known as Al-Ahly (Aleppo)]

 4 Jabala (Jabala)

 3 Al-Shorta (Damascus)      [aka Police]
 2 Barada (Damascus)         [temporarily known as Thowra]
   Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor)  [formerly known as Ghazy]
   Al-Horriya (Aleppo) 
   Teshrin (Latakia)
   Al-Wahda (Damascus)

Top-3 Placings Overview

club                     1st 2nd 3rd

Al-Jaish (Damascus)       16   5   1
Al-Karama (Homs)           8  11   4
Al-Ittihad (Aleppo)        6   7  13
Jabala (Jabala)            4   6   1
Al-Shorta (Damascus)       3   6   2
Al-Foutoua (Deir ez-Zor)   2   5   3
Al-Wahda (Damascus)        2   1   8
Teshrin (Latakia)          2   1   4
Al-Horriya (Aleppo)        2   1   3
Barada (Damascus)          2       2
Hottin (Latakia)               2   1
Al-Wathba (Homs)               1   1
Al-Majd (Damascus)             1
Al-Taliya (Hama)                   2
Al-Mouhafaza                       1
Al-Qardaha (Qardaha)               1
                          47  47  47

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