Taiwan - Foundation Dates of Clubs

1957    Taipeh County
1960    National Sports Training Centre Football Team (Taipeh) [founded as Lu Kuang (aka Army)]           
1961    Molten Tso I (Taipeh)                                  [founded as Taiwan Provincial
                                                                College of Physical Education]
1966    Hasus Taiwan Sports University (Kaohsiung)             [founded as Chia Cheng Hsin]  
1968    Tainan County 
        Taipeh PEC Asics                                       [founded as Taipeh Physical Education College] 
        Thunderbird SC (Kaohsiung)
1969    Taipeh City Tatung                                     [founded as Ta Tung FC]
1973    Fei To (Taipeh)                                        [aka Flying Camel Football Team ]   
1978    Kaohsiung County Tai Power (Fengshan)                  [founded as Taiwan Power Company FC]
1979    Animals FC (Taipeh) 
1983    Real Lions FC (Taipeh)
198?    Taipeh City Bank FC                                    [disbanded 2000]
1986    I-Shou University (Kaohsiung)                          [founded as Kaohsiung Polytechnic Institute] 
1991    100 Pacers International FC (Kaohsiung)                [founded as Expat Football Team] 
199?    Taichung Compass FC
2000    Shi Chi SC (New Taipeh)    
2001    National Central University SC (Zhongli)
2003    Taiwan Celts FC (Taipeh)
        Massive FC (Kaohsiung) 
        Inter Taipei FC (Taipeh)
2005    Shongshan FC (Taipeh)
2006    Fubon Financial Football Team (Taipeh)                 [founded as China Steel]
2007    Taipei FC (Taipeh)
2012    Taichung City FC (Taichung)
        Royal Blues FC (Taipeh)

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