Togo - List of Cup Winners

Coupe du Togo

before independence
1944     Modèle (Lomé)      [*]
1955     Essor (Lomé)
1955/56  Etoile Filante (Lomé)
1958     Etoile Filante (Lomé)
since independence
1961     Etoile Filante (Lomé)
1962-73    not known
1974     Omnisports (Atakpamé)
1975     ASKO Kara 
1976     ASKO Kara 
1977     Edan (Lomé)        [disbanded]
1978       no competition
1979     Agaza (Lomé)
1980     Sèmassi (Sokodé)
1981     Agaza (Lomé)            1-0     Aiglons (Lomé)
1982     Sémassi (Sokodé)        1-0     Agaza (Lomé)
1983       no competition
1984     Agaza (Lomé)            0-0     ASFOSA (Lomé)           [3-0 on pen]
1985     Foadan (Dapaong)        1-0     Doumbé (Sansanné-Mango)
1986     Entente II (Lomé)       2-0     ASKO Kara 
1987     ASKO Kara               2-1     Sémassi (Sokodé)
1988     Agaza (Lomé)            1-0     Ifodjè (Atakpamé)
1989     Entente II (Lomé)       1-0     Aiglons (Lomé)
1990     Sémassi (Sokodé)        2-1     Entente II (Lomé)
1991       no competition
1992       no competition
1993       no competition
1994     Etoile Filante (Lomé)   3-2     Agaza (Lomé)
1995     ASKO Kara               1-0     Sémassi (Sokodé)
1996     Doumbé (Sansanné-Mango) 2-1     Etoile Filante (Lomé)
1997       no competition
1998       no competition
1998/99  Agaza (Lomé)            1-0     Entente 2 (Lomé)
2000       not known
2001     Dynamic Togolais (Lomé) 3-0     Sara Sport (Bafilo)
2002     Dynamic Togolais (Lomé) 2-0     Doumbé (Sansanné-Mango) 
2003     Maranatha (Fiokpo)
2004     Douanes (Lomé)          2-1     Foadan (Dapaong)
2004/05  Dynamic Togolais (Lomé) 1-0     Agaza (Lomé)
2005/06  AS Togo-Port (Lomé)     1-1     ASKO Kara               [aet, 5-4 pen]
Coupe Nationale
2018     Gomido FC (Kpalimé)     3-0     Dynamic Togolais (Lomé)

[*] in 1944 CO Modèle (Lomé) won the double of championship and cup as well
    as the following minor cup tournaments: Coupe de la Municipalité,
    Coupe Montagné and Coupe du Lieutenent Colonel Deroux

Number of Wins (since 1974)

 4 ASKO Kara 

 3 Agaza (Lomé)
   Dynamic Togolais (Lomé)
 2 Entente II (Lomé)
   Sèmassi (Sokodé)

 1 Douanes (Lomé)
   Doumbé (Sansanné-Mango) 
   Edan (Lomé)
   Etoile Filante (Lomé)
   Foadan (Dapaong) 
   Gomido FC (Kpalimé)
   Maranatha (Fiokpo)
   Omnisports (Atakpamé)
   AS Togo-Port (Lomé) 

Royals Cup

1999   Agaza (Lomé)            bt      Dynamic Togolais (Lomé)
2000   Agaza (Lomé)            1-0     Dynamic Togolais (Lomé)
2001   ASKO Kara               3-0     Gomido Kpalimé
2002   Maranatha (Fiokpo)      1-0     Dynamic Togolais (Lomé) [asdet]

NB: played between top level clubs; the 1999 edition was the first.

Number of Wins (4, lost finals between square brackets)

 2      Agaza (Lomé)    

 1      ASKO Kara   
 1      Maranatha (Fiokpo) 

   [ 3] Dynamic Togolais (Lomé)
   [ 1] Gomido Kpalimé

Coupe de l'Indépendance

NB: also known as Coupe de 27 Avril

2000   AS Douanes (Lomé)
2001-04  not known
2005   AS Douane (Lomé)
2006   Etoile Filante (Lomé)   1-1     Maranatha (Fiokpo)      [6-5 pen]
2007   US Masséda              1-0     Foadan (Dapaong)
2008-15  not known
2016   Koroki (Tchamba)        1-1     AS Togo Port            [5-3 pen]
2017   AS Togo Port            3-0     Maranatha (Fiokpo)
2018   Gomido FC (Kpalimé)     3-0     Koroki (Tchamba) 
2019   ASC Kara (Kara)         3-1     Ifodjè (Atakpamé)

Super Coupe des Champions

2006   Maranatha (Fiokpo)      4-1     AS Togo-Port (Lomé)  
2007-15  not known
2016   AC Sèmassi de Sokodé    1-1     Koroki (Tchamba)        [4-3 pen]
2017   AS Togo Port            2-2     AC Sèmassi de Sokodé    [4-3 pen]
2018   Koroki (Tchamba)        2-0     Gomido FC (Kpalimé)
2019   ASC Kara (Kara)         0-0     Maranatha (Fiokpo)      [6-5 pen]

NB: the 2006 edition reportedly was the second

Number of Known League-and-Cup Doubles (4)

NB: since independence 1960; involved Coupe Nationale or Coupe du Togo.

 1 Agaza (Lomé)              [1984]
 1 Dynamic Togolais (Lomé)   [2001]
 1 Etoile Filante (Lomé)     [1961]
 1 Semassi (Sokodé)          [1982]

Additionally, 3 doubles are known to have been won prior to independence:

 1 Essor (Lomé)              [1955]
 1 Etoile Filante (Lomé)     [1958]
 1 Modèle (Lomé)             [1944]

Finally, at least three clubs won a double involving the Coupe de l'Indépendance

 1 AS Douane (Lomé)          [2005]
 1 ASC Kara (Kara)           [2019]
 1 AS Togo-Port (Lomé)       [2017]


In 1974 a sports reform ('Reform Sportive') was carried out, in which many clubs
were merged or amalgamated into large unites, in particular in Lomé where four
large 'superclubs' were formed:

Lomé 1 - amalgamation of Etoile Filante, Modèle and Dynamic Togolais; later called
         Déma Club
Lomé 2 - amalgamation of Unisport and Essor
Lomé 3 - amalgamation of Alliance, Freedom Star, Venus and Dragons; later called Edan
Lomé 4 - amalgamation of Racing Club, Réal, Hearts of Oak and US du Bénin

In 1978 these Lomé super clubs were disbanded again, as part of the 'Actualisation'
of the reform.  Most previous clubs resurfaced; in addition Entente 2 were formed 
out of Modèle (who however resurfaced themselves) and Nyékonakpoè-Kodjoviakopé.

In other towns, the larger structures remained, e.g.:
Aného          - Gbohloé-Su (previously called Elavagnon; formed out of Standard (Aného),
                             USA (Adjido) and others)
Atakpamé       - Ifodjè (formed out of CS Atakpamé and UA Atakpamé)
Kpalimé        - Gomido (formed out of Excelsior, Etoile Filante and Modèle)
Sansanné Mango - Doumbe

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