Tonga 1971/72

September 1971 : visit from Labasa and South Division combined team from Fiji.

September-October 1971:
 Lolo-'a-Halaevalu won the Vava'u district women's competition.

November 1971 : The AGM of the Tonga FA was held on Monday and the following officials were elected:
 President: Hāmeti Mataele
 Vice-president: Tom Newland
 Treasurer: Carl Riechelmann
 Secretary: Siō Motu'apuaka

Results Saturday 27-11-1971
  Toafaka'amu A     2-0 Tupou College
  Niuvākai B        0-0 Veitongo Youth Club
  Veitongo B        3-0 Toafaka'amu B
  Kolofo'ou A       6-1 Langi Leka
  Lotoha'apai       4-1 Ha'ateiho
  Royal Guards      2-0 Fotu'afinemā
  Ha'ateiho A       3-0 Ngele'ia A
  Veitongo A        5-0 Niuvākai A
  St Andrew's       3-3 Kauvai
  Kolo Kakala       5-0 Kauvai
  Kato Kakala       1-0 Veitongo Youth Club

Results Saturday  8- 1-1972
  Tupou College     3-1 Ha'ateiho
  Niuvākai B        1-0 Tonga College B
  Ngele'ia A        2-2 Fotu'afinemā
  Veitongo B        5-1 St Andrew's
  Kolofo'ou A       2-0 Tonga College A
  Toafaka'amu       1-1 Kauvai
  Veitongo A        5-0 Royal Guards
  Ha'ateiho B       2-0 Ngele'ia B
  Ha'ateiho         2-1 Veitongo

Results Saturday 15- 1-1972
  Ngele'ia A        2-0 Veitongo A       [described as "Veitongo's first defeat for 2 years"]
  Niuvākai A        3-1 Tonga College A
  Veitongo Y.C.     1-0 Kauvai
  Veitongo B        3-0 Lotoha'apai
  Fotu'afinemā      2-1 Tupou College
  Royal Guards      2-1 Langi Leka
  Toafaka'amu B     2-1 St Andrew's
  Kolofo'ou A       4-1 Toafaka'amu A
  Tonga College B   2-0 Ngele'ia B
  Kato Kakala       2-0 Kauvai
  Kolo Kakala       0-2 Veitongo Youth Club

Results Saturday 29- 1-1972
  Ha'ateiho A       1-0 Niuvākai A
  Veitongo B        8-0 Tonga College B
  Ngele'ia B        1-0 Kauvai
  Lotoha'apai       4-0 Veitongo Youth Club
  Royal Guards      1-3 Toafaka'amu A
  Kolofo'ou A       2-0 Fotu'afinemā
  Ngele'ia A        4-1 Tonga College A
  Ha'ateiho B       2-0 Toafaka'amu B
  Veitongo A        5-0 Sopu
  Tupou College     2-0 Langi Leka
  Niuvākai B        3-0 St Andrew's

Results Saturday  5- 2-1972
  Veitongo A        4-1 Ha'ateiho
  Kolofo'ou A       1-2 Royal Guards & Fotu'afinemā combined team
  Sopu              7-2 Tupou College
  Tonga College A   4-3 Langi Leka
  Toafaka'amu A     1-1 Fotu'afinemā

Results Saturday 19- 2-1972
  Veitongo A       17-0 Langi Leka
  Ha'ateiho A       1-0 Fotu'afinemā
  Tonga College B   2-1 Ha'ateiho B
  Ngele'ia B        5-0 Niuvākai B
  Tonga College A   1-0 Toafaka'amu B/A
  Royal Guards      3-1 Niuvākai A
  Ngele'ia A        1-0 Tupou College
  Veitongo B        5-0 Toafaka'amu A/B
  Kolofo'ou         3-1 Sopu
  Kauvai            3-0 St Andrew's

Results Saturday 25- 3-1972  [final round]
  Kolofo'ou         0-0 Veitongo A

League Champions:
 Division A (Lion Shield)      : Kolofo'ou, Veitongo A, and Ngele'ia (shared*)
 Division B (Iberia Cup)       : Veitongo B
 Women's (Talamahu Market Cup) : Kato Kakala Kehekehe 'o Pilolevu
* all three teams had 18 points from 11 matches.

Friendly Islands Biscuit Cup [April 1972]
 Participants: Fotu'afinemā, Ha'ateiho A, Kolofo'ou, Langi Leka, Lotoha'apai, Ngele'ia A,
               Ngele'ia B, Royal Guards, Sopu, Toafaka'amu A, Toafaka'amu B, Tonga College A,
               Tupou College, Veitongo A, Veitongo B, Veitongo Youth Club.
 Semifinals [22- 4-1972]
  Veitongo A        5-0  Tonga College
  Ngele'ia A        drw  Langi Leka       [replay ordered]
 Final [29- 4-1972]
  Veitongo A        vs   ?                [winner unknown]

Independence Trophy (Inter-District competition)
 Participants: 'Eua, Hahake, Vaheloto, Kolofo'ou, Hihifo
 No results known [May 1972]

Captain's Cup [began June 1972]
 Format unclear:
 First round of results [17- 6-1972]
  Hala Fualeva      2-0 Mataika
  Kolofo'ou         3-1 Kolomotu'a
  Tuaikaepau        1-1 Ngele'ia
  Veitongo Y.C.     1-3 Langi Leka
  Veitongo A        5-0 Loto Ha'apai
  Funga'onetaka     3-1 Peauma'a

Friendlies vs visiting ships:
 27- 1-1972 Tonga        2-2  Ocean Monarch   [at Mala'e Pangai field, 4000 spectators]
 12- 2-1972 Veitongo A    -   West Star
 12- 2-1972 Kolofo'ou    2-1  Iberia



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