Trinidad and Tobago 1998

Final Table:

 1.Joe Public        51
 2.Caledonia AIA     45
 3.Queen's Park      44
 4.San Juan Jabloteh 36
 5.Defence Force     
 6.Uprising Youths  
 7.United Petrotrin  
 8.Point Fortin CC   
- - - - - - - - - - - -
 9.Superstar Rangers 
10.Carib FC         
11.Fire Services    
12.Central Falcons   

Round 1 [Mar 27]
San Juan Jabloteh 1-0 Defence Force      [asdet]
Caledonia AIA     2-1 Carib FC
United Petrotrin  4-3 Superstar Rangers
Fire Services     4-2 Central Falcons
Queen's Park      1-0 Point Fortin CC 
Joe Public        2-0 Uprising Youths

Round 2 [Mar 29]
Caledonia AIA     2-1 Defence Force
Superstar Rangers 1-0 Carib FC           [asdet]
Central Falcons   2-0 United Petrotrin   [Mar 30]
Queen's Park      1-0 Fire Services
Joe Public        5-1 Point Fortin CC
San Juan Jabloteh 2-1 Uprising Youths

Round 3 [Apr 1]
Caledonia AIA     4-1 Uprising Youths
Defence Force     1-0 Superstar Rangers
United Petrotrin  4-2 Carib FC
Queen's Park      2-2 Central Falcons    [asdet, Falcons on coin toss]
Joe Public        4-0 Fire Services
Point Fortin CC   4-1 San Juan Jabloteh

Round 4 [Apr 3]
Caledonia AIA     6-0 Point Fortin CC  
Uprising Youths   3-3 Superstar Rangers  [asdet, Youths on pen]
Defence Force     2-1 Carib FC
Queen's Park      1-0 Utd Petrotrin
Joe Public        1-0 Central Falcons
San Juan Jabloteh 2-2 Fire Services      [asdet, San Juan 5-4 on pen]

Round 5 [Apr 5]
Caledonia AIA     5-1 Fire Services
Point Fortin CC   1-0 Superstar Rangers
Uprising Youths   5-4 Carib FC
Defence Force     1-2 Utd Petrotrin      [Apr 6]
Queen's Park      2-1 Joe Public         [asdet]
Falcons           3-0 San Juan Jabloteh

Round 6 [Apr 9]
Caledonia         3-0 Central Falcons 
Fire Services     0-3 Superstar Rangers 
Pt Fortin CC      1-0 Carib FC 
Defence Force     0-2 Uprising Youths
Joe Public        1-0 United Petrotrin   [Apr 10?]
San Juan Jabloteh 1-2 Queen's Park

Round 7 [Apr 19]
Caledonia AIA     3-2 Queen's Park       [asdet]
Central Falcons   1-1 Superstar Rangers  [asdet, Falcons 7-6 on pen]
Carib FC          1-0 Fire Services      [Apr 20]  
Point Fortin CC   2-0 Defence Force      [Apr 20]
Utd Petrotrin     3-2 Uprising Youths
Joe Public        5-1 San Juan Jabloteh

Round 8 [Apr 22]
Joe Public        3-2 Caledonia AIA      [Apr 23]
Queen's Park      3-1 Superstar Rangers 
Central Falcons   1-1 Carib FC           [no extra time, Central 7-5 on pen]
Defence Force     1-0 Fire Service
Point Fortin CC   3-0 Uprising Youths 
San Juan Jabloteh 1-1 United Petrotrin   [no extra time, San Juan 4-2 on pen]

Round 9 [Apr 26]
San Juan Jabloteh 3-1 Caledonia AIA   
Superstar Rangers 2-0 Joe Public        
Carib FC          1-2 Queen's Park       [Apr 27; asdet]
Defence Force     5-1 Central Falcons    [Apr 27] [?]
Utd Petrotrin     2-0 Point Fortin CC  
Uprising Youths   1-0 Fire Services

Round 10 [Apr 29]
United Petrotrin  2-1 Courts Caledonia   [asdet]
San Juan Jabloteh 4-2 Superstar Rangers 
Joe Public        4-1 Carib FC 
Queen's Park      2-1 Defence Force
Uprising Youths   4-2 Central Falcons  
Fire Service      2-0 Point Fortin CC

Round 11 [May 3]
Caledonia AIA     2-2 Superstar Rangers  [asdet, Caledonia 5-4 pen]
San Juan Jabloteh 2-1 Carib FC
Defence Force     2-1 Joe Public
Uprising Youths    -  Queen's Park 
Point Fortin CC   3-0 Central Falcons
Fire Service       -  United Petrotrin  

Round 12 missing
[Aug 11]
Defence Force     1-0 San Juan Jabloteh

Round 13 [?, Aug 16-19]
San Juan Jabloteh 8-0 Uprising Youths
Carib FC          1-0 Superstar Rangers  
Queen's Park      5-2 Fire Services  
Caledonia AIA     3-0 Defence Force 
United Petrotrin  3-0 Central Falcons 
Joe Public        4-2 Uprising Youths

Round 14 missing

Round 15 [Sep 6]
Joe Public        4-1 Queen's Park  
Defence Force     7-3 United Petrotrin 
Rangers           1-0 PFCC               [asdet]
San Juan Jabloteh 2-0 Falcons  
Carib             2-1 Uprising Youths

Round 18 [Sep 13]
Joe Public        2-1 San Juan Jabloteh 
Queen's Park      2-0 Caledonia AIA
Superstar Rangers 4-0 Falcons 
Fire Services     2-1 Carib FC
PFCC              2-1 Defence Force      [asdet]
Uprising Youths   2-1 United Petrotrin 

Round 19 [Sep 18,19]
Caledonia AIA     2-1 Joe Public
Carib FC          3-1 Central Falcons

Rounds 20-21 missing

Round 22 [Oct 11]
Joe Public        1-3 Defence Force
Caledonia AIA     4-3 Superstar Rangers  [asdet]
Point Fortin CC   6-2 Falcons
Queen's Park      1-0 Uprising Youths
San Juan Jabloteh 3-1 Carib FC
United Petrotrin  3-2 Fire Services

Final Table:

 1.Joe Public        51
 2.Caledonia AIA     45
 3.Queen's Park      44
 4.San Juan Jabloteh 36
 5.Defence Force     
 6.Uprising Youths  
 7.United Petrotrin  
 8.Point Fortin CC   
- - - - - - - - - - - -
 9.Superstar Rangers 
10.Carib FC         
11.Fire Services    
12.Central Falcons   

Bottom four join top regional teams in the "Champion of Champions" (sic!)
league to decide entry in next season's league, which is supposed to be
fully professional.

"Big Four" Competition

[post-season competition for the top-4 in the country.  If
Queen's Park or San Juan Jabloteh win, they will be allowed
into the Caribbean club championships.]

First Round (Oct 20)
Joe Public        2-1 San Juan Jabloteh
Caledonia AIA     4-1 Queen's Park

"Champions of Champions League"

Round 1 (Nov 7)
Stokely Vale (Tobago)    8-1 Klans (North)
Police (South)           3-1 Harvard (North)
Fire Services (SPFL)     2-3 Doc's Khelwalaas (Central)
Carib FC (SPFL)          1-0 Caroni (Central)
St. Francois (North)     4-0 Mayaro United (Eastern)
Superstar Rangers (SPFL) ppd Roxborough Lakers (Tobago) (poor field)

(in total 20 teams are playing for 4 spots in the professional league 1999.)

Apparently the following eight teams have qualified for the 1999 Pro League:

Defence Force, Joe Public, San Juan Jabloteh, Futgof, Point Fortin, Doc's
Khelwalaas, Williams Connection, and Police.

It would seem Doc's Khelwalaas and Police qualified through the 
"Champions of Champions" League.  Where Futgof and Williams Connection
come from is unclear, as is the fate of Caledonia AIA, Queen's Park,
Uprising Youths and United Petrotrin who had supposedly qualified
through the regular season.  An additional condition for admission
to the PFL 1999 (Professional Football League) was a bank draft
guaranteeing TT$750,000 (ca. US$ 125,000).  Apparently Caledonia and
Queen's Park asked for more time to get the money together but were 
denied.  Queen's Park, after their good season, will get out of football
business and sell its players.  The other teams will remain in the SPFL,
which will act as a feeder league (so in effect 2nd level) to the PFL.
(Additional information thanks to Mark Purcell (

FA Cup

First Round (Sep 30)
United Petrotrin  0-1 Doc's Khelwalaas
Queen's Park      3-2 Superstar Rangers (aet)
Caldedonia AIA    3-2 Arouca United (aet)
Joe Public        8-0 Klans FC
Stokely Vale      0-4 San Juan Jabloteh
Uprising Youths   3-2 Falcon Crest
Point Fortin CC   0-0 San Fernando Giants (3-1 pks)
Moruga United     1-3 Defence Force
Harvard           1-0 Prisons
Petrotrin PAP     0-1 Young Hearts
Diamond United    2-0 Copious Sons
Leeds United      0-0 Friends (3-0 pk)
(Oct 1)
Fire Services     0-1 Civilian Conservation Corps
Carib FC          1-2 Cultural United

Second Round (Oct 7)
Doc's Khelwalaas  4-1 Petrotrin Forest
Joe Public        2-1 Civilian Conservation Corps  
Defence Force     2-0 Young Hearts  
Caledonia AIA     3-1 Harvard  
Pt. Fortin CC     4-0 Leeds United  
Queen's Park      5-1 Cultural United 
San Juan Jabloteh 3-1 Central Falcons  
Uprising Youths   6-1 Diamond United  

Quarterfinals (Oct 14)
Defence Force     1-0 Joe Public           (Centre of Excellence)
Caledonia AIA     2-0 Point Fortin CC      (Centre of Excellence)
Queen's Park      4-1 Uprising Youths      (Hasely Crawford Stadium)
San Juan Jabloteh 3-0 Doc's Khelwalaas     (Hasely Crawford Stadium)

Semifinals (Oct 18)
San Juan Jabloteh 2-0 Queen's Park  (or Caledonia?)
Defence Force     2-1 Caledonia AIA (or Queen's Park?)

Final (Oct 25)
San Juan Jabloteh 3-2 Defence Force        (asdet)

League Cup

First Round (May 10/13)
San Juan Jabloteh 4-0 5-2 Fire Services
Carib FC          2-0 1-0 Point Fortin CC
Superstar Rangers 3-2 6-3 Uprising Youths
Defence Force     4-0 6-1 Central Falcons
byes: Joe Public, Queen's Park, Courts Caledonia AIA, United Petrotrin (top-4
      teams in 12-team league).

Second Round (First Leg May 16/17)
Queen's Park      2-1 2-1 Superstar Rangers 
Caledonia AIA     2-1 1-1 San Juan Jabloteh  
United Petrotrin  2-2 0-5 Carib FC 
Joe Public        1-1 0-5 Defence Force     

Semifinals (May 28, 30; all matches at "Joao Havelange Centre of Excellence")
Defence Force     3-2 3-1 Queen's Park
Caledonia AIA     1-0 1-0 Carib FC

Final [Jun 3, Joao Havelange Centre of Excellence]
Defence Force     4-2 Caledonia AIA   



list of champions

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