Trinidad and Tobago Cup 1994

First Round [Sep 10-14]

Barataria All Stars     0-3 Superstar Rangers
Petit Bourg Survivals   0-1 Airport Authority      
Caroni                  1-1 Falcons                       
Petrotrin Forest        0-0 Ramsingh Juventus         
Defence Force           2-0 Forest Development       
Pizzaboys Frontline     3-2 Rossi SFN            
ECM Motown              3-2 Queen's Park Club         
Police                  4-0 Young Hearts                    
Macoya Slammers         0-2 Damarie Hill         
Roxborough Lakers       3-0 Ramlogan Uprising Youth 
Malta Carib Alcons      6-1 Ramlogan Ball Youth    
Superstar Youth         1-2 Point Fortin CC 
Memphis                 1-2 Caledonia AIA              
TJ's Stokely Vale       awd Maple                        [awarded 2-0, forfeit] 
Palo Seco SC            0-1 Blackpool                
Unique Valiants         0-1 Petrotrin PAP    

First Round Replays [Sep 14]
Falcons                 1-0 Caroni                
Ramsingh Juventus       1-2 Petrotrin Forest   

Second Round [Sep 17-21]
Defence Force           1-0 Roxborough Lakers           
Petrotrin PAP           1-2 Petrotrin Forest       
ECM Motown              2-1 Pizzaboys Frontline    
Police                  1-0 Airport Authority      
Falcons                 5-1 Damarie Hill           
Point Fortin CC         0-1 Caledonia AIA       
Malta Carib Alcons      8-1 Blackpool     
TJ's Stokely Vale       0-3 Superstar Rangers 

[Sep 21]
ECM Motown              1-0 Falcons       
Malta Carib Alcons      3-2 Petrotrin Forest   
Superstar Rangers       2-1 Caledonia AIA      
[Sep 23] 
Police                  3-1 Defence Force              

[Sep 28]
ECM Motown              3-3 Police
[Sep 30]
Malta Carib Alcons      2-2 Superstar Rangers

Semifinals Replays
[Sep 30]
ECM Motown              1-3 Police              
[Oct 4?] 
Malta Carib Alcons      1-2 Superstar Rangers  

Final [Oct 4]
Police                  0-0 Superstar Rangers      

Final Replay [Oct 6]
Police                  1-1 Superstar Rangers            [3-0 pen] 



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