Coupe des Tropiques 1962 (Bangui)

NB: first edition omnisports event including a football tournament


First Leg [Jul 14, stade R.P. Lefèvre, Libreville]
Gabon             3-1 Congo-Brazzaville

Second Leg [Sep 16, stade Eboué, Brazzaville]
Congo-Brazzaville 3-1 Gabon

NB: a playoff was to be held, probably at Bangui (site
    of the final tournament), but never took place after
    Gabonese players complained, on returning home, of
    violent treatment in Brazzaville, resulting in riots
    causing the death of 9 Congolese in Libreville and the
    expulsion of Congolese residents

Final Tournament [Dec 1962, Bangui]

Participants: Madagascar

Congo-Brazzaville  6-1 Madagascar
Centrafrique       1-4 Cameroon

Congo-Brazzaville  3-0 Cameroon
  [Hervé-Fortuna Mayanda "Tshombé-Demalhouette",
   Gilbert Makouana "Bolikango-Bolida", Omer Péna "Pelé"]

Congo-Sport: Jean-Pierre Elouma (capitaine), 
  Maxime Matsima «Yachine», Germain Gavaud «Moteur», 
  Hervé-Fortuné Mayanda, Gilbert Makouana «Bolida», 
  Habib Tall, Désiré Mayala «Larbi», Armand-Bérulle Ambara, 
  Omer Péna, Léopold Ndey, Adolphe Bibanzoulou «Amoyen».

trainer: Paul Ebondzibato 
players: Maxime Matsima «Yachine», Pierre Moumpala,
         Jean-Pierre Elouma «Anderson» (capitaine),
         Adolphe Biba-ndzoulou «Amoyen»,
         Léopold Dey «Flamion-Ziboulateur», Désiré Mayala «Larbi»,
         Armand-Bérulle Ambara «Colonel Mobutu», 
         Germain Gaveau «Moteur», Habibo-Tall «Saxo», 
         Jean-Chrysostome Bikoudi «Bistouri», etc.

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