Chad - List of Champions

The national championship is normally decided in a playoff between up to 18 regional champions, who first enter various zonal tournaments before the national stage; zone 6 consists of the regions Logone Oriental, Mandoul and Moyen-Chari; however, in various seasons this playoff did not take place and the regional winners of Chari Baguirmi (which includes the capital N'Djaména) were considered national champions.
1962-71   unknown
1972    Yal Club (N'Djaména)
1973    Yal Club (N'Djaména)
1974-78   unknown
1979-86   not played
1987      unknown
1988    Tout-puissant Elect Sports (N'Djaména)  [*1]
1989    Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)
1990    Tout-puissant Elect Sports (N'Djaména)
1991    FC Tourbillon (N'Djaména)
1992    Tout-puissant Elect Sports (N'Djaména)
1993    Postel 2000 (N'Djaména)
1994    Renaissance (Abéché)
1995    Postel 2000 (N'Djaména)
1996    AS Coton Chad (N'Djaména)
1997    FC Tourbillon (N'Djaména)
1998    AS Coton Chad (N'Djaména)
1999    Renaissance (Abéché)
2000    FC Tourbillon (N'Djaména)
2001    FC Tourbillon (N'Djaména)
2002      unknown
2004    Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)
2005    Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)
2006    Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)
2007    Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)
2008    Elect Sport (N'Djaména)
2009    Gazelle FC (N'Djaména)
2010      not held (Tourbillon FC   N'Djaména champions)
2011      not held (Foullah Edifice N'Djaména champions)
2012      not held (Gazelle FC      N'Djaména champions)
2013    Foullah Edifice (N'Djaména)
2014               (Foullah Edifice N'Djaména champions)

NB: several of the champions above presumably refer to winners of the Ligue de 
      Chari Baguirmi (N'Djaména regional league) rather than a national league;
    the 2013 edition was reported as the third but that cannot be correct

[*1] a story on suggests that Tout-puissant 
     Elect Sports won the final for the Ligue de Chari Baguirmi (N'Djaména regional 
     league) against Renaissance 1-0 on Saturday, July 30, 1988 thanks to a last
     minute header.

Number of Titles (23 known)

 5 Renaissance FC (N'Djaména)   [*1]
 4 FC Tourbillon (N'Djaména)
   Tout-puissant Elect Sports (N'Djaména) 

 2 AS Coton Chad (N'Djaména)
   Postel 2000 (N'Djaména) 
   Renaissance (Abéché) 
   Yal Club (N'Djaména)

 1 Foullah Edifice (N'Djaména)
   Gazelle FC (N'Djaména)       [*2]

[*1] Renaissance FC (N'Djaména) reportedly won 6 championships in total
     (up to 2010)
[*2] Gazelle FC (N'Djaména) claim two titles (2009 and 2012; the latter can only
     refer to the capital league) and seven runners-up finishes (1975, 1976, 1977,
     1982, 1984, 2003 and 2010), presumably all referring to the N'Djaména league

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