Turks and Caicos Islands - List of Champions

1999    Tropic All Stars
2000    Masters
2001    SWA Sharks FC (Grace Bay) 
2002    Beaches FC (The Bight Venetian Road)
2002/03 Caribbean All Stars
2003/04 KPMG United FC (Grace Bay)
2004/05 KPMG United FC (Grace Bay)
2005/06 Cost Right FC
2006/07 Beaches FC (The Bight Venetian Road)
2007/08 PWC Athletic (Grace Bay)
2008/09 Digi FC
2009/10 AFC Academy (Providenciales)
2010/11 Provopool FC
2012    Cheshire Hall (Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill)
2013    Cheshire Hall (Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill)
2014    AFC Academy (Providenciales)
2014/15 AFC Academy (Providenciales)
2016    AFC Academy (Providenciales)
2017    Beaches FC (The Bight Venetian Road)
2018    Academy Jaguars (Providenciales)
2019    Academy Jaguars (Providenciales)

Number of Titles (since 1999; 21 championships)

 6 Academy Jaguars (includes AFC Academy) (Providenciales, Providenciales Island - Caicos Islands)

 3 Beaches FC (The Bight Venetian Road, Providenciales Island - Caicos Islands)
   PWC Athletic (includes KPMG United FC) (Grace Bay, Providenciales Island - Caicos Islands)

 2 Cheshire Hall (Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales Island - Caicos Islands)

 1 Caribbean All Stars
   Cost Right FC
   Digi FC
   Provopool FC
   SWA Sharks FC (Grace Bay) 
   Tropic All Stars

NB: Tropic All Stars and Caribbean All Stars may have been the same club.

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