Uruguay - Campeonato Departamental de Rocha

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From 1991, when OFI decided to separate the football associations from each department in two sectors (Capital and Interior), only the Interior Sector participated to determine the team that would qualify to Copa El País.

But in 2002 the Campeonato Departamental was reorganized and Rocha city teams will start participating again.

List of Champions

Year  Champions                      Runners-up
1970  Lavalleja (Rocha)              Castillos Wanderers
1971  Lavalleja (Rocha)              Castillos Wanderers
1972  Peñarol (Chuy)                 Lavalleja (Rocha)
1973  Nacional (Rocha)               -
1974  Palermo (Rocha)                -
1975  Palermo (Rocha)                Nacional (Chuy)
1976  Nacional (Rocha)               Lavalleja (Rocha)
1977  Nacional (Rocha)               Wanderers (Lascano)
1978  Lavalleja (Rocha)              Nacional (Chuy)
1979  Nacional (Rocha)               Nacional (Chuy)
1980  Centro Deportivo Chuy          Lavalleja (Rocha)
1981  Centro Deportivo Chuy          Bahía (La Paloma)
1982  Atlético Rocha                 Marconi Méndez (Lascano)
1983  Atlético Rocha                 Peñarol (Chuy)
1984  Deportivo Uruguay (Castillos)  Atlético Rocha
1985  Deportivo Uruguay (Castillos)  San Vicente (Chuy)
1986  Palermo (Rocha)                Castillos Wanderers
1987  Palermo (Rocha)                Lavalleja (Rocha)
1988  Palermo (Rocha)                Rampla Juniors (Lascano)
1989  Palermo (Rocha)                Nacional (Chuy)
1990  Central Palestino (Chuy)       Nacional (Chuy)
1991  Central Palestino (Chuy)       -
1992  Central Palestino (Chuy)       -
1993  Central Palestino (Chuy)       Nacional (Chuy)
1994  Las Piedras (18 de Julio)      -
1995  Nacional (Chuy)                -
1996  El Molino (Lascano)            -
1997  El Molino (Lascano)            -
1998  Internacional (Chuy)           El Molino (Lascano)
1999  Santa Teresa (Chuy)            El Can (Lascano)
2000  Peñarol (Chuy)                 Cebollatí
2001  Castillos Wanderers            -
2002  Lavalleja (Rocha)              Las Piedras (18 de Julio)

Number of Titles

 6 Palermo (Rocha)

 4 Central Palestino (Chuy)
   Lavalleja (Rocha)
   Nacional (Rocha)

 2 Atlético Rocha
   Centro Deportivo Chuy
   Deportivo Uruguay (Castillos)
   El Molino (Lascano)
   Peñarol (Chuy)

 1 Castillos Wanderers
   Internacional (Chuy)
   Las Piedras (18 de Julio)
   Nacional (Chuy)
   Santa Teresa (Chuy)

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