US American Cup and Open Cup 1913/14

American Cup

Round 1
no details known
Round 2
[Nov 22]
Farr Alpaca F.C.            1-3 Bethlehem Steel F.C.
Ansonia F.C.                1-3 West Hudson FA.A.
[Nov 27]
Brooklyn Field Club         1-1 Bridgeport City               
[Nov 29]
Brooklyn Field Club         5-2 Bridgeport City             [replay Nov 27 after protest]
Tacony F.C.                 4-1 General Electric F.C.
Philadelphia Hibernian      7-1 Brooklyn Celtic
Locomotive F.C.             1-4 Victor F.C.
Jersey A.C.                 2-0 Scottish Americans
[Nov 30]
Paterson True Blues         0-2 Fall River Rovers           [replay ordered after Paterson protest, but Rovers dns]  
[Dec 27]
Victor F.C.             3-4 agg Jersey A.C.                 [aggregate over 3 matches; the first 2 were drawn]
Bethlehem Steel F.C.    7-4 agg West Hudson A.A.            [aggregate over 4 matches; the first 3 were drawn]
[Jan 10]
Philadelphia Hibernian      2-1 Paterson True Blues
[Jan 17]
Tacony F.C.                 3-1 Brooklyn Field Club
[Mar 21]
Tacony F.C.                 2-1 Philadelphia Hibernians
[Mar 29]
Jersey A.C.                 2-2 Bethlehem Steel F.C.
Semifinal Replay [Apr 4]
Jersey A.C.                 2-1 Bethlehem Steel F.C.   
Final [Apr 19, Paterson]
Tacony F.C.                 0-0 Bethlehem Steel F.C.
Final Replay [May 3, Newark]
Tacony F.C.                 0-1 Bethlehem Steel F.C.

Open Cup

First Round

      New York City District
11/ 2/13  Brooklyn Field Club 1, R. T. Strollers 0
11/ 2/13  German F. C. 5, Cameron F. C. 0
Byes - Yonkers F. C., Broollyn Celtic F. C., Clan MacKenzie F. C.,
       Columbia Oval F. C., Hollywood Inn F. C., Fulton A. C.

      New Jersey District
11/ 2/13  Alley Boys F. C. 8, C. S. Jersey Blues F. C. 5  (at Harrison, NJ)
11/ 2/13  Babcock & Wilcox F. C. 2, Cowboy F. C. 6 (at Bayonne, NJ)
Byes - Watsessing F. C., West Hudson Juniors

      Pennsylvania District
11/ 1/13  Bethlehem FC 7,. Disston F. C. 0  (at Bethlehem)
11/ 1/13  Tacony F. C. forfeited to Kensington F. C. of Philadelphia (at Philadelphia)
Byes - F. C. West Philadelphia, F. C. Wissinoming F. C., Braddock F. C.

      Western New York District
11/ 2/13  Niagara Falls rangers F. C. 6, Buffalo Corinthians 1 (at Buffalo)
Byes - MacNaughton Rangers of Rochester NY

      New England District
11/ 1/13  New Bedford FC 3, Farr Alpacas of Holyoke, MA 1. (at New Bedford, MA)
Bye -- Presbyterian F. C. of Bridgeport, CT

      Detroit District
Byes -- Roses F. C., Packard F. C.

      Chicago District
Byes -- Pullman F. C., Hyde Park Blues F. C., Campbell Rovers F. C., MacDuffs F. C.

Second Round

      New York District
11/30/13  Hudson United F. C. 0, St. George F. C. 0
12/ 7/13  Yonkers F. C. 3, Fulton A. C. 0
12/14/13  Columbia Oval F. C. 5,. Clan Mackenzie F. C. 2
12/14/13  New York Celtic F. C. 4, German F. C. 1
12/14/13  Brooklyn Celtic F. C. 6, Hollywood Inn F. C. 0
12/14/13  Hudson United F. C. 1, St. George F. C. 1 (replay)
12/21/13  Brooklyn F. C. 3, Brooklyn Rangers 0
12/21/13  St. George F. C. 2, Hudson United F. C. 1 (2nd replay)

      New Jersey District
12/14/13  Babcock & Wilcox 5, Watsessing F. C. 3 (at Bayonne, NJ)
12/14/13  West Hudson Juniors 3, Alley Boys F. C. 3 (at Harrison, NJ)
12/21/13  Alley Boys F. C. 4, West Hudson Juniors 0 (replay)

      Pennsylvania District
12/ 6/13  Bethlehem F. C. 3, Braddock F. C. 2 (at Pittsburgh)
12/ 6/13  Peabody F. C. 1, Wissinoming F. C. 1  (at Philadelphia)
12/13/13  Peabody F. C. 3, Wissinoming 0 (replay) (at Philadelphia)
12/ 6/13  West Philadelphia F. C. 4, Kensington F. C. 1 (at Philadelphia)

      Northwestern New York District
11/30/13  MacNaughton Rangers F. CV. 1, Niagara Falls F. C. 0  (At Rochester)
(game protested; protest sustained, replay ordered for 1/18.  MacNaughton failed
 to appear and forfeited.)

      New England District
12/ 6/13  New Bedford F. C. 3, Presbyterian F. C. of Bridgeport, CT 0 (at New Bedford)

      Detroit District
12/14/13  Detroit Roses F. C. 2, Packard F. C. of Detroit 2 (at Detroit)
12/21/13  Detroit Roses F. C. 2, Packard F. C. of Detroit 1 (at Detroit; replay)

      Chicago District
 1/18/14  Brooklyn Celtic F. C. 5, Babcock & Wilcox F. C. 0
 1/25/14  Brooklyn field Club 1, Bethlehem F. C. 0
 1/25/14  Columbia Oval F. C. 2, Alley Boys F. C. 1
 2/ 1/14  Yonkers F. C. 3, New York City F. C. 1

      Pennsylvania District
 1/31/14  St. George F. C. of New York City forfeited to Peabody F. C. (at Philadelphia)

      New England District
 1/24/14  New Bedford F. C. 2, West Philadelphia F. C. 0

      Detroit District
 2/ 1/14  Niagara Falls Rangers F. C. 2, Roses F. C. of Detroit 0 (at Detroit)

      Chicago District
 3/ 8/14  Pullman F. C. of Pullman IL 4, Hyde Park Blues of Chicago 2 (at Chicago)

Fourth Round (Partial)

      New York City District
 3/28/14  Brooklyn Field Club 4, Yonkers F. C. 1
 3/21/14  New Bedford F. C. 1, Peabody F. C. of Philadelphia 1

      Northwestern New York District
 4/ 5/14  Niagara Falls Rangers F. C. 2, Pullman F. C. 1 (at Niagara Falls)

(complete details for rest of 4th round and final 2 rounds not available at
 present time)

 5/16/14  Brooklyn Field Club (NAFBL)          2-1 Brooklyn Celtic 

Note of Interest:  Yonkers F. C. was listed as being the “present cup holder”!
This is because the Dewar Cup had been originally created in 1913 for a
different competition held that one year.  Yonkers F. C. won that tournament,
but those games are not counted as officially part of the US Open Cup history.

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