Zambia - Foundation Dates of Clubs

192?    Broken Hill Callies
        Broken Hill Corinthians
        Broken Hill Thistle
1921(?) Luanshya United
1922    Kabwe Warriors FC                   [founded as Railway Recreaction Club FC (Broken Hill)]   
193?    Roan Mine African FC (Luanshya)     [merged Feb 1962 with Roan Antelope Callies to Roan United FC]
        Rhokana FC (Kitwe)                  [founded as Rhokana Mine]                   
1935    Roan Antelope Callies FC (Luanshya) [founded as Roan Antelope AFC; merged 1962 with Roan Mine African FC]
1936    British Nyasa United (Lusaka)
1937    City of Lusaka FC
193?    Mufulira Blackpool FC               [founded as Mufulira FC]
        Chingola Eleven Wise Men
        Luanshya All Blacks
        Kitwe Lions FC                      [merged 1963 with Kitwe Tigers to Kitwe United FC]
        Rhokana Mine (Kitwe)  
        Ndola Black Follies 
194?    Matero Tigers (Lusaska)             [founded as Lusaka Tigers]
        Ndola Home Defenders
        Chingola Dynamos
        Luanshya Buffaloes
        Kitwe Tigers                        [merged 1963 with Kitwe Lions FC to Kitwe United FC] 
        Chingola Orients
        Luanshya Roan Antelope FC United   
        Mufulira Styles       
1953    Mufulira Wanderers FC               [founded as Mufulira Mine Team]
        Matero Youth Club (Lusaka)          [merged 1954 with Chinika, Kamwala and Kabata to Matero United FC]
1954    Lusaka City FC                      [founded as Matero United FC]
1955    Nkana FC (Kitwe)                    [founded as Rhokana United FC]
1956    Konkola Blades FC (Chililabombwe)   [founded as Bancroft North End]
1960    Nchanga Rangers FC (Chingola)
1962    Roan United FC                      [merger of Roan Mine African FC and Roan Antelope Callies FC] 
        Rhokana United FC (Kitwe)           [merger of Rhokana FC and Nkana FC]
        Queen's Port FC (Lusaka)            [merged later with City of Lusaka FC]
1963    Kitwe United FC                     [merger of Kitwe Lions FC and Kitwe Tigers] 
1966    University of Zambia FC (Lusaka)
1968    Green Buffaloes FC (Lusaka)         [founded as Zambia Army FC]  
1971    Power Dynamos FC (Kitwe)
1974    Prisons Leopards FC (Kabwe)
        ZESCO United FC (Ndola)    
1978    Nkwazi FC (Lusaka)                  [aka Nkhwazi FC]
1985    Zanaco FC (Lusaka)         
2015    Young Nkana FC (Kitwe)         

NB: Zanaco = Zambia National Commercial Bank
    ZESCO  = Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation United

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