Zanzibar - List of Foundation Dates

1936   Small Simba SC (Zanzibar)
1942   Malindi SC (Zanzibar)           [predecessor: Arab SC]
1945   Miembeni SC (Zanzibar)
1953   Jamhuri SC (Wete)           *   [founded as Barghash SC]
1954   Mwenge SC (Wete)            *   [founded as Cosmopolitans SC]
1957   Ujamaa SC
1970   Mlandege FC
1978   Shaba SC (Kojani)           *
1985   Kilimani Star FC (Zanzibar)
1997   Hard Rock SC (Kangani)      *
1999   Jang'ombe Boys
2002   Shangani FC (Zanzibar)
2011   Kilimani City FC (Zanzibar)
2014   Miembeni City FC (Zanzibar)
* = teams from Pemba Island

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