Afro-Asian Club Championship

Played between the winners of the African and Asian Champions Cups. Years in the palmares list do not always correspond to the years when matches were played. If the year Y is given in the palmares list, the final was between the African Champions Cup winners of Y-1 and the Asian Champions Cup winners of the season Y-1/Y.

The competition was discontinued following a CAF decision on July 30, 2000, after AFC representatives had supported Germany in the vote for hosting the 2006 World Cup rather than South Africa.


1986  Daewoo Royals
1987  Zamalek
1988  Al Ahly (Cairo)
1989  EP Sétif
1990    not held
1991    not held
1992  Club Africain
1993  Wydad AC Casablanca
1994  Thai Farmers Bank
1995  Espérance (Tunis)
1996  Ilhwa Chunma
1997  Zamalek
1998  Raja CA Casablanca
1999    cancelled

Clubwise list of winners

Zamalek                   2

Al Ahly (Cairo)           1
Club Africain             1
Daewoo Royals             1          
EP Sétif                  1
Espérance (Tunis)         1
Ilhwa Chunma              1
Raja Casablanca           1
Thai Farmers Bank         1
WAC Casablanca            1

Countrywise list of winners

Egypt                     3

Morocco                   2
South Korea               2
Tunisia                   2

Algeria                   1
Thailand                  1

Continentwise list of winners

Africa                    8

Asia                      3


16- 1-87 Riyadh       Daewoo Royals     2-0 FAR Rabat       

 5- 2-88 Cairo        Zamalek           2-0 Furukawa         

 2- 9-89 Tokyo        Yomiuri Club      1-3 Al Ahly (Cairo)
22- 9-89 Cairo        Al Ahly (Cairo)   1-0 Yomiuri Club 

12- 1-90 Sétif        EP Sétif          2-0 Al Sadd
19- 1-90 Doha         Al Sadd           1-3 EP Sétif

26-12-92 Tunis        Club Africain     2-1 Al Hilal (Riyadh)
 6- 1-93 Riyadh       Al Hilal (Riyadh) 2-2 Club Africain  

31-12-93 Tehran       Paas              0-0 WA Casablanca
16- 1-94 Casablanca   WA Casablanca     2-0 Paas

11- 9-94 Mehalla (?)  Zamalek           2-1 Thai Farmers Bank
21- 9-94 Bangkok      Thai Farmers Bank 1-0 Zamalek

29- 8-95 Suphan Buri  Thai Farmers Bank 1-1 Espérance (Tunis) 
 7-10-95 Tunis        Espérance (Tunis) 3-0 Thai Farmers Bank

 4- 5-96 Johannesburg Orlando Pirates   0-0 Ilhwa Chunma
18- 5-96 Seoul        Ilhwa Chunma      5-0 Orlando Pirates

16-11-97 Pohang       Pohang Steelers   2-1 Zamalek
 5-12-97 Cairo        Zamalek           1-0 Pohang Steelers  

11- 4-99 Pohang       Pohang Steelers   2-2 Raja Casablanca 
25- 4-99 Casablanca   Raja Casablanca   1-0 Pohang Steelers  

  - 6-00 Abidjan      ASEC (Abidjan)    n/p Jubilo Iwata
  - 6-00 Iwata        Jubilo Iwata      n/p ASEC (Abidjan) 
           matches first postponed then cancelled

Details for various matches


Played in one leg [Riyadh, Jan 16, 1987]
Daewoo Royals     2-0 FAR Rabat        
  [Hae Jung 83, Ki Chul Ahn 88]
  [ref: Abdalla Nasser (Saudi Arabia); att: 20,000;
   Daewoo: Pung Ju Kim, Jae Hee, Pan Kim, Yong Jun, Tae Choi, Bum Yeo,
           Tae Lee, Hae Jung, Chun Suek, Bung Rang, Non Pank;
   FAR: Salah Dine, Bouchaeb, Fadili, Lahsina, Lamris, Mohamed, Haidamou,
        Saad Dahan, El Ghrissi, Abdulrazak, Barbouri]


Played in one leg [Cairo, Feb 5, 1988]
Zamalek           2-0 Furukawa          
  [Effat Nassar 47, Gamal Abdel Hamid 60]
  [ref: Mohamed Hansal (Algeria); att: 40,000;
   Zamalek: Ayman Taher, Ismail Youssef, Hesham Yakan, Ahmed Ramzy, 
            Reda Abdellal, Mohamed Helmy, Ayman Younes, Hamada Abdellatif 
            (Ibrahim Youssef), Effat Nassar, Tarek Yeha, Hesham Ibrahim 
            (Abdel Hamid);
   Furukawa: Kato Yoshis, Igarashi Kazuya, Kaneko Hisashi, Kobayashi Hiroshi,
             Okada Takeshi, Gotoshi Goto, Yoshikazo, Yoshida Hiroshi (Mazda),
             Kano Masaaki, Yoshikazo, Yasohiko]


First Leg [Tokyo, Sep 2]        
Yomiuri Club      1-3 Al Ahly (Cairo)
  [Takeda Nobuhiro 3' / Hossam Hassan 18' 77', Mahmoud Saad 62']

Second Leg [Cairo, Sep 22]
Al Ahly (Cairo)   1-0 Yomiuri Club 
  [Tahir Abu-Zeid 40']

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