This organisation was founded 1909 and dissolved 1913; it comprised clubs on the border of the Bodensee (Lake of Konstanz) and organised an 'international' championship involving clubs from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Other participants (apart from FC Konstanz (Germany) and FC Lustenau (Austria)) apparently included FC Friedrichshafen (later renamed VfB Friedrichshafen; Germany), FC Rheineck and FC Stachen (later merged with FC Arbon) (both Switzerland).

List of Champions

1909/10  FC Lustenau
1910     FC Konstanz
1911/12  FC Konstanz
1912/13  FC Lustenau

NB: in 1925 another Bodensee-Meisterschaft was played, apparently as knock-out tournament;
      Final: FC Konstanz 10-1 FC Amriswil;
    between 1926 and 1928 three tournaments were played for the Bodensee-Meisterschaft,
      in which Austrian, German and Swiss clubs entered; this were not recognised by the
      national federations, who insisted on them being classified as friendly matches;
      winners were FC Lustenau in both 1926 and 1927 and Turnerbund Lustenau in 1928;
    in the 1931/32 and 1932/33 seasons, four Vorarlberg clubs entered the second level
      Kreisliga Bodensee-Vorarlberg.  FC Lustenau won it in both seasons, thus qualifying
      for the southern Bavarian promotion playoff group, but failed to earn promotion
      to the first German league level;
    after the Anschluß, Vorarlberg clubs again played league football together with the
      German teams from the Bodensee region, with FC Lustenau winning this regional league
      again in 1938/39 and 1939/40, finishing runners-up in 1940/41.

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