Central African Republic - List of Champions

Prior to independence the country was known as Ubangi Shari. A league apparently existed already by 1948, presumably more or less restricted to the capital Bangui.

before independence
1958    AS Tempête Mocaf

since independence
1968    US Cattin
1971    Réal Olympique Castel
1973    Réal Olympique Castel
1974    ASDR Fatima 
1975    Réal Olympique Castel
1976    AS Tempête Mocaf
1977    SCAF Tocages
1978    ASDR Fatima 
1979    Réal Olympique Castel
1980    USCA
1981    Publique Sportive Mouara
1982    Réal Olympique Castel
1983    ASDR Fatima 
1984    AS Tempête Mocaf
1985    SCAF Tocages
1986    Publique Sportive Mouara
1987       not known
1988    ASDR Fatima 
1989    SCAF Tocages
1990    AS Tempête Mocaf     
1991    FACA                  
1992    USCA                    
1993    AS Tempête Mocaf   
1994    AS Tempête Mocaf                   
1995    FACA
1996    AS Tempête Mocaf
1997    AS Tempête Mocaf 
1998      discontinued; invalidated with two rounds left to play [*]
1999    AS Tempête Mocaf     
2000    Olympique Réal
2001    Olympique Réal
2002      annulled  
2003    AS Tempête Mocaf       
2004    Olympique Réal
2005    ASDR Fatima        
2006    DFC8 
2007      not known
2008    Stade Centrafricain
2009    DFC8                  [ligue de Bangui]   
2010    Olympique Réal        [ligue de Bangui]
2011    DFC8                  [ligue de Bangui]
2012    Olympique Réal        [ligue de Bangui]
2013/14 AS Tempête Mocaf      [ligue de Bangui]
2014/15   not held
2015/16 DFC8                  [ligue de Bangui]
2016    Olympique Réal        [ligue de Bangui]
2016/17 Olympique Réal        [ligue de Bangui]
2017/18 Stade Centrafricain   [ligue de Bangui]
2019    AS Tempête Mocaf      [ligue de Bangui]
2019/20   abandoned           [ligue de Bangui]
2020/21 DFC8                  [national title and ligue de Bangui]

[*] according to [Bak 01] ASDR Fatima won championship

Championships (since independence; known titles (46))

12 Olympique/Olympic Réal/Réal Olympique Castel

11 AS Tempête Mocaf    [reportedly won 12 titles]

 6 Stade Centrafricain (aka SCAF Tocages)

 5 ASDR Fatima    

   Publique Sportive Mouara 

 1 US Cattin 

NB 1: all clubs are located in Bangui.
NB 2: abbreviations:

ASDR Fatima  = AS Diables Rouges Fatima (A=Anges)
DFC8         = Diplomate Football Club du 8ème arrondissement
FACA         = Forces Armées CA
SCAF Tocages = Stade Centralafricain (Tocages)
(TP) USCA    = (TP) Union Sport CA

Réal Olympique Castel apparently is now called Olympique Réal, aka Olympic

Stade Centrafricain were founded in 1960 as Dragon; in 1967 the
club were renamed Stade Centrafricain (SCAF). 

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