Iraq 1990/91

[May 28, 1991, Al-Shaab Stadium]
Al-Zawraa         6-1 Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya
  [Ahmed Radhi 28pen, Ibrahim Abid Nadir 31, Laith Hussein 59,
    Karim Saddam 68, 76, Ali Hadi; Saad Abdul-Hamed 65pen]
  [Al-Zawraa: 1-Ahmed Jassim, 3–Mohammed Hussein, 14-Shahin Abbas,
     4-Salam Hashim, 6-Radhi Shnishel, 5-Ali Hadi, 13-Mohammed Jassim, 
     9-Ibrahim Abid Nadir, 17-Laith Hussein, 10-Karim Saddam, 8-Ahmed Radhi 
     (cap); coach: Falah Hassan;
   Al-Jawiya: 20–Omar Ahmed (29-Hashim Khamis 65), 12-Saad Abdul-Hamed, 
     4-Hamza Hadi, 21-Bassam Raouf, 14-Samir Kadhim, 2-Jabar Hamed,
     6-Habib Jafar, 8-Wali Karim, 25-Mohammed Jassim, 15-Hatim Ibrahim,
     11-Emad Jassim (cap) (23-Kadhim Muhsin 65); coach: Adil Yousef;
   ref: Mohammed Salim; Farouq Toufiq, Tariq Ahmed; Falih Hassan;
   yellow cards: Habib Jafar 20, Samir Kadhim 21, Habib Jafar 27,
                 Mohammed Hussein 33; 
   red card: Habib Jafar 27 (2 yellow);
   NB: Adil Yousef's fourth match in charge of Al-Jawiya taking over from
       Amer Jamil; Laith Hussein scored from the centre circle] 

Final Ranking:

 1.Zawraa (Baghdad)         46
 2.Talaba (Baghdad)         41
 3.Shurta (Baghdad)         39  
 4.Karkh (Baghdad)          38  [replace Rasheed]
 5.Naft (Baghdad)           35
 6.Quwa Jawiya (Baghdad)    32  [new name Tayaran]
 7.Najaf (Najaf)            26
 8.Minaa (Basra)            23
 9.Samaraa (Samaraa)        
10.Silaikh (Baghdad)        21
11.Shabab (Baghdad)         20
12.Tijara                   17
13.Iraq Youth Team          13
14.Sinaa (Baghdad)          13

NB: Arbeel, Bahri and Jaish withdrew after the first half of the
    championship; the Youth Team took part in the second half only.

Relegated: Bahri and Jaish (Arbeel remained)

Promoted: Khutoot (from Div. 3; team from the Iraqi airline company who
                   were promoted after inviting the star players of Q.Jawia),
          Amana (Div. 2 champions),
          Salam (Div. 2 runners-up)
          Mosil, Salah Aldeen, Koot (all promoted by special decision).


 1.Kareem Saddam (Zawraa)       20
 2.Ahmed Tadi (Zawraa)          19
 3.Natik Hashim (Quwa Jawiya)   17



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