Mayotte 2000

Division d'Honneur

Round 12 (?) [end July]
Vahibé          1-1     Abeille
AJ Kani         1-1     Bandrelé (=Tamadjema?)
Rosador         1-0     Handréma
Ouragan L.      0-1     FC Kani Bé
AS Sada         1-1     Pamandzi
FC M'tsapéré    1-0     FCO de Tsingoni        

Top of table:

 1.Rosador       46  [from Passamainty]
 2.Vahibé        36
 3.FCM           36
 4.AJK           35
12.Tamadjema     16

Round 19 [Oct 14]
FCM              -      Rosador              [at Tzoudzou]

FCM are in difficulties, losing support after not having won a title since 1997.

Round 20
FCKB             -      AJK 

FCKB (FC Kani Bé) is a newly promoted team (promoted in 1998)
FCM (FC M'tsapéré) and ASS (AS Sada) are considered 'grande equipes' in Mayotte

Final Table:

 1.Rosador (Passamainty)   Champions
 2.FC M'tsapéré 
 3.VCO Vahibé
4-7.AS Sada, FC Kani-Bé, Abeilles, Pamandzi
 8.ASC Handréma
 9.AJ Kani
10.FCO (Tsingoni)          Relegation Playoff
11.Ouragan L.              Relegated
12.Tamadjema (=Bandrelé?)  Relegated

Promoted for 2001: Miracle du Sud (Bouéni) and Enfants de Mayotte (Bandraboua)

Promotion Playoff [Feb 18, 2001?]
Jumeaux                 2-1     Kawéni

Promotion/Relegation Playoff
FCO (Tsingoni)          bt      Jumeaux (M'zoizia)

NB: third consecutive season in which FCO retains 1st level place
    in playoff

Coupe de France Regionale 1999/00

Semifinals [May] 
FC Kani Bé              2-1     Enfants de Mayotte 
Miracle du Sud          4-0     Etincelle 

FC Kani Bé              bt      Miracle du Sud

Coupe de Mayotte 2000

FCO Tsingoni            bt      Enfants de Mayotte 

FC Kani Bé              bt      Miracle du Sud (Bouéni)


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