Peru - List of Women Champions

Campeonato Nacional

2009 White Star (Arequipa)                      3-2 Estudiantes Universitarios (Cusco)
2010 Universidad Particular de Iquitos (Loreto) 5-0 Universidad San Antonio de Abad del Cusco 
2011 JC Sport Girls                             2-1 River San Borja (Lima)
2012 JC Sport Girls                             2-0 Electro Oriente (Iquitos)
2013 JC Sport Girls                             3-0 Club Internacional (Arequipa)
2014 Real Maracaná                              4-0 Club Internacional (Arequipa)
2015 Club Universitário de Deportes (Lima)      7-0 Alfredo Vargas Guerra (Mazán) 

Number of Wins (6)

 3 JC Sport Girls (Lima)
 1 Real Maracaná (Lima)
   Universidad Particular de Iquitos (Loreto)
   Club Universitário de Deportes (Lima)
   White Star (Arequipa)  

Campeonato Metropolitano

1999 Sporting Cristal
2000   not known
2001 Club Universitario de Deportes
2002 Club Universitario de Deportes             3-2 Sport Boys 
2003 Club Universitario de Deportes             2-1 Sport Boys
2004 JC Sport Girls                             2-1 Sport Boys
2005    not known
2006 JC Sport Girls                             (won both Apertura and Clausura)
2007    not known
2008    not known
2009 JC Sport Girls                             2-0 Real Maracaná 
2010 JC Sport Girls                             (won both Apertura and Clausura)
2011    not known
2012    not known
2013 Real Maracaná                              1-0 JC Sport Girls
2014 Asociación Fuerza Central 

Number of Wins (only where total number of titles known)

 5 Club Universitario de Deportes
 3 Sporting Cristal 
 1 Sport Coopsol

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