Peru - List of Women Champions

Campeonato Nacional

2009 White Star (Arequipa)                      3-2 Estudiantes Universitarios (Cusco)
2010 Universidad Particular de Iquitos (Loreto) 5-0 Universidad San Antonio de Abad del Cusco 
2011 JC Sport Girls                             2-1 River San Borja (Lima)
2012 JC Sport Girls                             2-0 Electro Oriente (Iquitos)
2013 JC Sport Girls                             3-0 Club Internacional (Arequipa)
2014 Real Maracaná                              4-0 Club Internacional (Arequipa)
2015 Club Universitário de Deportes (Lima)      7-0 Alfredo Vargas Guerra (Mazán) 
2016 Club Universitário de Deportes (Lima)      8-0 Central General de Trabajadores de Perú  (Iquitos)
2017 JC Sport Girls                             7-1 CD Educación FC

Number of Wins (8)

 4 JC Sport Girls (Lima)
 2 Club Universitário de Deportes (Lima)

 1 Real Maracaná (Lima)
   Universidad Particular de Iquitos (Loreto)
   White Star (Arequipa)  

Campeonato Metropolitano

1999 Sporting Cristal
2000   not known
2001 Club Universitario de Deportes
2002 Club Universitario de Deportes             3-2 Sport Boys 
2003 Club Universitario de Deportes             2-1 Sport Boys
2004 JC Sport Girls                             2-1 Sport Boys
2005    not known
2006 JC Sport Girls                             (won both Apertura and Clausura)
2007    not known
2008    not known
2009 JC Sport Girls                             2-0 Real Maracaná 
2010 JC Sport Girls                             (won both Apertura and Clausura)
2011    not known
2012    not known
2013 Real Maracaná                              1-0 JC Sport Girls
2014 Asociación Fuerza Central 

Number of Wins (only where total number of titles known)

 5 Club Universitario de Deportes
 3 Sporting Cristal 
 1 Sport Coopsol

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