South Sudan - List of Champions and Cup Winners

List of Champions

Year    Winners                      Runners-Up
2011/12 Al-Salam (Wau)
2013    Atlabara FC (Juba)
2014    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)         [possibly as winners of South Sudan Cup]
2015    Atlabara FC (Juba)       1-0 Al-Ghazal FC (Wau)
2016      not held
2017    Al-Salam (Wau)           2-1 Kator FC (Juba)  
2018    Al-Hilal FC (Wau)        1-1 Al-Merikh FC (Juba)      [6-5 pen]
2019    Atlabara FC (Juba)           Al-Hilal FC (Wau)

South Sudan Cup

2012    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     2-0 Al-Salam (Wau)
2013    El-Nasir FC (Juba)       2-1 El-Meriekh (Renk)
2014    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-0 Al-Ghazal FC (Wau)
2015      not held (instead the MTN Cup was played)
2016    Al-Salam (Wau)           3-0 Young Stars (Torit)
2017    Al-Salam (Wau)           2-2 Al-Hilal (Juba)          [5-4 pen]
2018    Al-Merikh FC (Juba)      2-0 Al-Ghazal FC (Wau)
2019    Amarat United FC (Juba) 12-0 Jil Salam FC (Malakal)  

NB: the 2012 edition was the first; the 2019 reportedly was the eighth, suggesting
    the 2015 MTN Cup is considered part of the series as well

Independence Cup

2011    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-1 Atlabara FC (Juba)       [aet, Malakia on pen]
2013    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-0 Atlabara FC (Juba) 


NB: entrants determined by public vote

2015    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-1 Atlabara FC (Juba)       [5-4 pen]

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