South Sudan - List of Champions and Cup Winners

In Southern Sudan, the growth of football was linked with Christian missionaries who entered South Sudan in the early 1900s following the destruction of the Mahdist regime. Football was played at the Church Missionary Society's first Southern mission site at Malek and at Yei, where African and non-African participants competed. The Nugent missionary school dominated football in the region during the colonial years.

List of Champions

Year    Winners                      Runners-Up
2011/12 Al-Salam (Wau)
2013    Atlabara FC (Juba)
2014    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)         [possibly as winners of South Sudan Cup]
2015    Atlabara FC (Juba)       1-0 Al-Ghazal FC (Wau)
2016      not held
2017    Al-Salam (Wau)           2-1 Kator FC (Juba)  
2018    Al-Hilal FC (Wau)        1-1 Al-Merikh FC (Juba)      [6-5 pen]
2019    Atlabara FC (Juba)           Al-Hilal FC (Wau)
2020      not held

South Sudan Cup

2012    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     2-0 Al-Salam (Wau)
2013    El-Nasir FC (Juba)       2-1 El-Meriekh (Renk)
2014    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-0 Al-Ghazal FC (Wau)
2015      not held (instead the MTN Cup was played)
2016    Al-Salam (Wau)           3-0 Young Stars (Torit)
2017    Al-Salam (Wau)           2-2 Al-Hilal (Juba)          [5-4 pen]
2018    Al-Merikh FC (Juba)      2-0 Al-Ghazal FC (Wau)
2019    Amarat United FC (Juba) 12-0 Jil Salam FC (Malakal)  
2020    Al-Rabita FC (Juba)      2-0 Nile City FC (Yambio)  

NB: the 2012 edition was the first; the 2019 reportedly was the eighth, suggesting
    the 2015 MTN Cup is considered part of the series as well

Independence Cup

2011    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-1 Atlabara FC (Juba)       [aet, Malakia on pen]
2013    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-0 Atlabara FC (Juba) 


NB: entrants determined by public vote

2015    Al-Malakia FC (Juba)     1-1 Atlabara FC (Juba)       [5-4 pen]

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